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«Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1081 - Absolute geniuses

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Chapter 1081: Absolute geniuses

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“There are still five of them. It seems they have specially trained their soul and willpower.” The higher-ups of Summer Wind Ancient Nation were currently transmitting between each other, “There are two young fellows who remain standing in the Fan Clan. One is Fan San Yuan who cultivated in the Un-Phase Mystical Technique. The other is puzzling. It is actually Ying Shan Xue Ying who trained in the Five Phases Sealing Technique! When did it occur that a Void Lineage expert could remain so sturdy against soul assaults?”

“It seems the Fan Clan has put in much effort this time.”

“The other two absolute geniuses from the Summer Clan, ‘Xia Wu Hua’ and ‘Xia Fa Yang’ as well as General Xuan from the Cang Clan are still holding on?”

They were discussing among each other.

Over time.

Of the two geniuses from the Summer Clan, the most handsome cultivator present, ‘Xia Wu Hua’s expression gradually changed. The aura on his body also started turning cold.

“It seems Wu Hua can’t hold on any longer.”

“Indeed, he is about to collapse.”

“He specialized in the Dao of Sword. Even though he placed himself in the world of mortals to temper his heart before, ultimately, he is still lacking compared to the other four in terms of resisting against soul techniques.”

The Great Paragons continued talking.

Xia Wu Hua was an absolute genius ranked in the top three within the history of Summer Wind Ancient Nation. His speed of cultivation was beyond that of Xue Ying! Currently, he had cultivated for just slightly more than a billion years. That time when Xue Ying shocked the world in the Ardent Fire City, Xia Wu Hua had yet to born. He had incredibly great talent on the ‘Dao of Sword’, so much so that ‘Emperor Summer’ personally took him as a disciple to guide him.

“Dong.” Xia Wu Hua finally wobbled and fell.

And the remaining four experts were still staying strong.

The expression of Xue Ying, another absolute genius from the Summer Clan, ‘Xia Fa Yang’ and General Xuan from the Cang Clan remained unchanged. Nonetheless, it was Fan San Yuan whose expression became distorted over time.


“I don’t find it puzzling that Xia Fa Yang could easily resist against this soul assault! But General Xuan is so formidable? Very much so compared to the past! There is also that Ying Shan Xue Ying. It seems quite easy for him? Instead, it is Fan San Yuan who trained in the Un-Phase Mystical Technique that could no longer hold on.”

“This is weird.”

The Cosmos Gods were discussing among each other.

Even the higher-ups in the Fan Clan felt their expressions turning slightly. In their opinion, Fan San Yuan should be ranked in the top three for the first round! Yet he could not?

‘Fortunately, we have Ying Shan Xue Ying. Otherwise, all the spotlight will be stolen from us during the first round.’ Sky-Rending Great Paragon felt startled inwardly, ‘We are helpless against those two absolute geniuses from the Summer Clan. But when did that General Xuan become so formidable too?’

Fan San Yuan finally softened down onto the ground!

Leaving behind three standing. They were respectively from the three great clans, Xue Ying, General Xuan, and Xia Fa Yang.


Over time.

The three Cosmos Gods who were displaying the techniques turned to each other.

“Let’s focus on dealing against these three young fellows. It seems we can’t take any of them down if we don’t put in all our strength. It seems the young fellows this time are much stronger in the soul and willpower aspect than the past.” A bald-headed male said. He continued sending in drizzles of illusory realms.

“Alright.” The girl who was strumming the pipa giggled too.

“These three young fellows are quite amazing. They should have reached the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm in the soul aspect.” A male who seemed like a direct person guffawed. As he spoke, ripples were still being produced by him.

The three of them were currently concentrating their strength on dealing against the three remaining survivors. And now, the other 12 Primal Chaos experts who had fallen onto the ground were fully awake.

They opened their eyes.

Looking around, it seemed there were only three left currently suffering from the brunt of attacks—Xue Ying, Xia Fa Yang, and General Xuan.

“We lost.”

“They are the top three.”

‘I, Sauron, has been unparalleled in the Icy Plains Tribe. I do not place other Primal Chaos experts in my eyes, and have succeeded in walking through the ‘Ten Corridors of Life and Death’, yet I am not ranked in the top three.’ King Sauron’s eyes were blank. His proud and aloof heart of the past had suffered from a shock. Indeed, there were so many more talented people out there in the world!

Fan San Yuan’s expression also changed slightly.

Un-Phase Mystical Technique was created by Ancestor Fan! Of which this absolute art specialized in dealing against the soul aspect. Yet he was not ranked in the top three.

‘I lost?’ Xia Wu Hua was slightly startled, ‘I was a Cosmos God back in my hometown. Due to luck, I was able to reincarnate into this Realm Heart Great Land that had an incredibly deep and unfathomable foundation. Emperor Summer even personally guided me. Even though my soul isn’t as strong as that of a Cosmos God, I could not hold on just by purely relying on willpower?’

He was very confident of his willpower. In his hometown, his willpower was known as undying! Currently, he even experienced and tempered his heart within the Summer Clan, yet he still could not hold on as long as others.

Other Primal Chaos disciples retreated, leaving just Xue Ying, General Xuan, and Xia Fa Yang.

“Fellow brothers, how do you reckon the ranking would be like?” Emperor Summer chuckled at the two other unparalleled existences next to him.

Emperor Cang looked down at the three young fellows, replying: “This young fellow Cang Xuan has given me a huge astonishment. His cultivation was originally slow, and it was not bad for him to be qualified in representing my Cang Clan in the competition between the three clans. But his soul and willpower had always been ordinary. This time, it is quite amazing that I can’t determine it accurately anymore! And that Ying Shan Xue Ying, his cultivation speed is so fast that it is frightening. Younger Brother Fan, you even took the initiative to accept him as a disciple? Unless you suspected him of being a reincarnator? As for Xia Fa Yang, he is a genius. In my opinion, his previous life is more extraordinary than that of Xia Wu Hua.”

“Mn, the Origin World where Xia Wu Hua was in had been too weak. He cultivated for so many years already, so much so that it is hard to change his understanding of cultivation.” Emperor Summer nodded, “Even though his cultivation is extremely fast, it’ll be hard for him to improve further after becoming a Cosmos God.”

There were pros and cons to reincarnating from a previous life.

The pros included being able to perceive and comprehend two Origin Worlds, which was very helpful to cultivation! Furthermore, with a strong foundation from a previous life, the cultivation speed of the reincarnator would be quick during the early stages.

The cons included being influenced by what the reincarnator comprehended in his previous life!

It was easier to draw on a piece of white paper! And reincarnators were already a piece of art when they reincarnated over!

“Many reincarnators have reached a bottleneck during their previous life in cultivation. That was why they chose to reincarnate.” Ancestor Fan said, “Like the five ancestors from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation, they had all reached the pinnacle and wanted to broaden their perspectives. That was why they reincarnated. Ultimately, few could be so fortunate in getting the Realm Heart Order.”

Xue Ying was an absolute genius in his previous life.

Furthermore, despite spending a trillion years chasing after the Destruction Devils, his attainments were still shocking. It was because of Sacred Master that forced Xue Ying to reincarnate.



“This is truly unbearable.”

Xue Ying felt uncomfortable.

Three types of soul attacks.

That illusory realm technique was quite ineffective against him because he was an expert in that aspect. Instead, it was the ‘melody of Pipa’ that made him sleepy. The melody from the Pipa directly permeated into his soul. He felt exasperated and wanted to sleep… as for that laughter, it made his soul irritable and chaotic. It was hard to ‘quieten his heart down’.

Having a calm heart was fundamental. Otherwise, it would be easier to suffer from the brunt of the attacks.

These three great techniques came engulfing down at the same time! It was indeed frightening when all techniques supported one another.

“Wake up, wake up!” Xue Ying tried his best to hold on.

But he began feeling more and more unbearable. Xue Ying felt muddleheaded, and it became harder to control the irritation and fatigue in his heart. He felt tired and drained. The illusory realm was also pulling him in. What a wonderful world! Xue Ying really desired to enter this imaginary realm and have a good rest.


Following that, a vague sound was transmitted.

“Someone fell down?” With this thought, as the power from the three powerful soul assaults increased yet again, it seemed to break apart what little resolve Xue Ying had. “Hong—”

He felt his world turning dark.

And lost consciousness after that.

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