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«Lord Xue Ying (Web Novel) - Chapter 1080 - Falling One after Another

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Chapter 1080: Falling One after Another

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Xue Ying went to his assigned seat. As he sat there, he drank wine and ate all sorts of different fruits placed in front of him. At the same time, Xue Ying was silently observing his surroundings.

‘There are so many Cosmos Gods here.’ More than a hundred guests participated in the banquet this time. Those who could attend, excluding Xue Ying and other young fellows at the Primal Chaos Realm who would be competing between the three clans, were existences at the level or stronger than Fiery Zhao King or Maple Nest King. Some of the weaker and more ordinary Cosmos Gods were not qualified to attend!

For instance, Monarch Andromeda, who brought them over could merely sit by the edge.

‘Great Paragons?’

Xue Ying noticed the Great Paragons that were currently emanating auras that were either overbearing, transcendental or queer.

Those who could be called ‘Great Paragon’ had reached a level second only to the unparalleled existences! In terms of power, they were comparable to that of Southern Cloud King. Even though the Southern Cloud King was wealthier, the treasures, absolute art scriptures, and resources which the Summer Wind Ancient Nation had were something Southern Cloud King could not compare. But since the Southern Cloud King had the capabilities to create the ‘Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique’, he dared to challenge against the unparalleled existences!

‘The feeling these Great Paragons give me is close to that of Sacred Master.’ Xue Ying thought, ‘As for the three unparalleled existences, they seem stronger than the Sacred Master!’

No other way.

There were too few powerful secret treasures over at the side of Primal Chaos Void! They had never seen before a secret treasure that could be used to battle against those of a higher realm. Clearly, the art of refinement was much cruder than that in the Realm Heart Great Land.

Even when comparing scriptures purely… brought about a gulf of difference between both Origin Worlds! A single ‘Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique’ was sufficient to make Sacred Master desire for it so much.

‘The Primal Chaos experts from Cang Clan has arrived.’

Xue Ying turned over.

A total of five experts and a Cosmos God came from the Cang Clan. Those five might be bowing politely, but the ‘freedom’ and ‘unrestrained’ personality in these experts were clearest. This temperament had been naturally formed when the Cang Clan nurtured their disciples. Such form of ‘nurturing them naturally’ might produce some useless cultivators, but those who rose were more outstanding. The Cang Clan similarly did not accept outsiders in their clan, yet their overall strength remained comparable to the Fan Clan. Clearly, there were merits in this form of nurturing.

‘Summer Clan, Cang Clan, and the Fan Clan.’ Xue Ying observed, ‘The disciples from the Summer Clan are well-mannered. Those from the Cang Clan are more self-centered. As for those from the Fan Clan, they are colder and have stronger killing intent.’

Speaking from his heart, he liked those from the Summer Clan most.

They were those who were most restrained, and according to the intelligence, the disciples from the Summer Clan hated devils the most too!

Xue Ying had finished more than half the flask of wine placed in front of him. He also finished almost all the fruits. At this moment, beneath Emperor Summer, a white-robed male stood up and announced: “I am Great Paragon Imperial Wind, also the host for this competition between the three clans. The competition between the three clans will be held between Primal Chaos disciples from my Summer Clan, the Fan Clan, and Cang Clan. It will be held over three different rounds of competition before finally determining the winner.”

Xue Ying carefully listened.

It might sound like this was a competition between disciples from the three clans, but strictly speaking, they were not all from the three great clans!

The Summer Clan and Cang Clan might not accept outsiders, but they still take those from within the nation. Many experts joined their clans and were directly bestowed with the surname from the clan!

The Fan Clan did accept outsiders. For instance, if Xue Ying were to take Ancestor Fan as his teacher in the past, he would instantaneously become a core member of the Fan Clan! If he were willing to accept the change in name, Xue Ying would become ‘Fan Xue Ying’, significantly increasing the benefits which he would be receiving in the Fan Clan. Nonetheless, Xue Ying chose to take Southern Cloud King as his teacher instead for the sake of learning the ‘avatar technique’ so that he could return to his hometown.

If this was in the Fan Clan, even if he had a more exceptional talent, it was impossible for precious secret treasures like ‘Five Phase Beads’ to be directly given to him! Instead, Xue Ying had to fork out the corresponding contribution points to exchange for it. After all, there were many experts in the Fan Clan, and the rules were naturally stricter.

“During each round of competition, golden cauldrons will be given as points.” The white-robed Great Paragon Imperial Wind smiled as he explained, “After the three rounds, the clan who owns the most golden cauldrons will be the winner.”

At that moment, Xue Ying and the other 14 Primal Chaos existences held their breaths.

“The first round of battle is a competition of the soul, and also of the willpower.” The white-robed Great Paragon Imperial Wind announced, “The further you walk on the path of cultivation, the more important it is to have a strong soul and willpower. The 15 of you will withstand from the same strength of soul attack simultaneously at the same time. The longer you resist, the better. The one who lasts the longest will be awarded three golden cauldrons. The second with two and the third with one. As for others? Everyone else will get nothing.”

Xue Ying felt confident at that moment.

Competing the soul and willpower?

He is a great expert who cultivated in the Mirage and Illusory Realm. Why would he still be afraid of this?

15 Primal Chaos experts and only the top three would be rewarded with ‘golden cauldrons’. This was just the first round, and there were three in total! The host had mentioned that they would be differing competitions too.

“The first round is the easiest. Alright, everyone, stand to the middle of the hall.” Great Paragon Imperial Wind ordered.


They stood in an orderly manner. The Summer Clan, the Cang Clan, and the Fan Clan. A total of three teams and 15 tenth level experts were there. They had been chosen very carefully! Of which 13 were natives of the Summer Wind Ancient Nation! Actually, the Summer Wind Ancient Nation was too big, and the competition within was much more intense than the wars that happened outside the nation.

“Upper Honored Guest Flying Snow, in a while, we’ll be seeing your strength.” Fan San Yuan transmitted with a smile.

“I’ve heard that Un-Phase Mystical Technique focuses relatively strongly on the soul.” Xue Ying replied.

Fan San Yuan, Xue Ying, Fan Yi Qian, Fan Mo Zhu, and King Sauron. The five of them stood near the center of the hall. At the very center stood the team of five from Summer Clan, and on the right were the five experts from Cang Clan.


Within the great hall, waves of laughter could be heard first.

Closely following that, sounds from the Pipa could be heard.

Finally, faint illusory realms descended. One could see with the naked eyes many distorted scenes within these realms that tempted one with his deepest desire.

Clearly, the experts from all three great clans had started utilizing the illusory realm technique.

“Shua shua shua…”

Close to a breath of time later, six Primal Chaos experts immediately fell from the 15 standing in the great hall. Fan Yi Qian was the only one from the Fan clan that fell.

“It seems that the standard this time is quite similar to the past? Six has fallen just as the competition started. Yi, the Fan Clan seems quite good for there to only be one to fall?”

“It seems that the participants from the Fan Clan this time aren’t easy.”

“Fan Yi Qian?”

The guests were all discussing amongst each other.

And the higher-ups from the Fan Clan were all shaking their heads inwardly when they saw Fan Yi Qian standing there with a goofy smile. Of the three core disciples chosen by the Fan Clan, the other two were relatively okay. Only this ‘Fan Yi Qian’ had slightly more apparent strengths and weaknesses. His soul and willpower were weak, and he had a more brutal and ruthless personality. Nevertheless, because of this, he was able to resonate with an absolute art scripture that ‘Yuan’ created, boosting his strength to a frightening stage.

‘I knew it. He will be the first to fall this time.’ Sky-Rending Great Paragon softly shook his head. He brought up the wine cup, ‘But we have San Yuan who cultivated the Un-Phase Mystical Technique this time and Ying Shan Xue Ying. So it seems we should have some assurance in this first round.’

After that, as time progressed, almost all the Primal Chaos experts started falling one after another.

The young woman-like Fan Mo Zhu revealed a bitter look on her face. It seemed filled with a strand of hatred and slight agony. Following that, she softened down and fell onto the ground.

King Sauron had a ferocious look. His body trembled.

“No, no—”

He still continued murmuring to himself. He was clearly doing his best to resist against it.

But gradually, as the techniques unleashed by the three great Cosmos Gods became stronger, King Sauron also began falling. At this moment, there were just five who were left standing! Xue Ying and Fan San Yuan were both still standing well. It seemed they were quite calm still.

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