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«History’s Number 1 Founder (Web Novel) - Chapter 1145 - The Mysterious Man in White Robes

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Chapter 1145: The Mysterious Man in White Robes

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Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

As Wang Lin headed there, he telepathically communicated to Yang Qing, “Fifth Junior, don’t be hasty to act.”

Yang Qing replied, “Relax, Third Senior, I know.”

Wang Lin nodded his head and said nothing. He made the layers and layers of illusions above the Ying Sea vanish. While he could easily break free from them, he did not want to bother with them.

After the Tuo Kong Grand Sage and the Rotary Turtle Grand Sage entered the Ying Sea, they disappeared. Wang Lin could not find them immediately, but their remnant mana gave clues as to where they might have gone to.

The Ying Sea was mysterious, and no one could predict its change. While it was not as violent and the dangerous as the Netherworld Sea and the Void Sea, there were still many dangers. They were hidden in the shadows, causing everyone to be on high alert. At the same time, they could not be easily discovered. Only after these dangers appeared would one be cognizant of them. Many times, one would not even realize that one was heading into a trap.

As the Three Mountains of the Ying Sea were hidden, the Ying Sea was even more complicated and dangerous.

It was extremely difficult to track anyone down in the Ying Sea. With its many illusions, the Ying Sea could catch people when they were unaware.

The Celestial Sect of Wonders possessed both the Celestial Mountains Penglai and Yingzhou. Wang Lin’s specialty was in the art of reality and illusions. Only then was he able to move freely in the Ying Sea.

“I’m getting closer…” Wang Lin’s supernatural awareness picked up some vague traces as his heart jolted.

The Tuo Kong Grand Sage’s demonic powers became clearer and clearer. Wang Lin followed the traces. Then, traces of his demonic powers disappeared.

Wang Lin was shocked. He rushed forward, and he noticed that the white clouds before him were disappearing. In the sea, a cluster of islands appeared. Looking at them from afar, they resembled the stars in the heaven.

While these islands appeared ordinary, they were actually covered with a huge spell formation.

The huge spell formation was based on the physical locations of these islands. Coupled with the inherent illusory nature of the Ying Sea, it was extremely complicated and hard to spot.

When Wang Lin saw it, he thought, “Has the Tuo Kong Grand Sage entered this spell formation? However, this spell formation is not formed naturally, but instead, man-made. Is there someone living in the Ying Sea?”

However, as he thought about how the Emperor of the Dead, the Nether Priest, and their bunch occupied the Netherworld Sea, the situation before him did not seem as odd.

While the Celestial Sect of Wonders controlled Yingzhou and Penglai, they were still far from completely understanding the Ying Sea. The difference between having three mountains and just two was vast.

“Has no one else discovered this before?” Wang Lin thought. “Eh, this spell formation has shielded its powers and merged with the Ying Sea. Weaker cultivators cannot discover it. As for me, if I had been further away from it, I would have neglected it too.”

“If not for the fact that I was following the aura of the Tuo Kong Grand Sage, which vanished here, I may not have noticed it.”

Wang Lin arched his eyebrows and he descended. Regardless whether it was the Tuo Kong Grand Sage or the mysterious inhabitant, he felt that it deserved an investigation.

Using his mana, he overcame the obstructive powers of the spell formation and entered the cluster of islands.

The moment he entered, a huge amount of golden light flashed non-stop. It then turned into various forms of attack as they came straight at him.

Wang Lin’s gaze flashed. The opponent’s attack was powerful and he had to be careful.

He revealed his powerful Destructive Stage of the River Styx. A dark yellow space appeared and started to eat away into the surroundings. Then, it clashed violently and soundlessly with the powerful formation.

Space split apart and heaven and earth were inversed. A disastrous scene was before him. Yet, it was completely oddly silent, making it even more terrifying.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral. He swept the islands with his gaze and finally, he looked at one particular island. Then, he descended.

The moment he landed, he furrowed his brows together. In his eyes, there was an intense killing intent. Icy-cold aura spread forth from his body, almost freezing the heaven and earth over.

This was because after he entered the spell formation, he realized that he was unable to communicate with Yang Qing and the rest. He was not even able to sense their presence.

While he knew that Yang Qing was protected by his mana, he was now gone. Who could have stolen Yang Qing and the rest away from him?

Wang Lin looked at the island and his gaze turned even colder. He said nothing, as his Destructive Stage of the River Styx began to expand furiously.

The sky of the Ying Sea, which was filled white clouds, started to turn dark yellow. It resembled the color of hell, squeezing the breath of light out of everyone. Even the water around the island transformed into the River Styx Primordial Water. The soundless and dark River Styx Primordial Water had turned into the ocean.

The island underneath his feet started to turn black too. An aura of death spread.

The terrifying aura was centered on the island Wang Lin was on. Then, it started to spread toward the other islands, shredding away at them and dragging them into the Yellow Springs World.

The spell formation that was hidden on all the other islands started to disintegrate. Even the illusions of the Ying Sea started to disappear.

It was as if these illusions were alive too, and now they were heading toward death.

The sea around was completely covered by the Destructive Stage of the River Styx. Then, a ray of black light appeared on the islands. A human figure could be seen floating in the black light. When Wang Lin saw him. he realized that his opponent was clad in white robes. His opponent stared calmly back at Wang Lin too.

Wang Lin frowned as he looked elsewhere.

He noticed that two other auras managed to break through his Destructive Stage of the River Styx and was going far away from it. The human figure in the black light was only some remnant aura that Wang Lin had managed to hold back, which then took a human form. It was not the person himself.

What made Wang Lin pay even more attention was the fact that the two other auras were headed in the general direction of the Celestial Mountains Yingzhou and Penglai.

The middle-aged man in the white robes said with a faint smile, “If I did not capture a few core members of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, like your junior, I would not have known that your sect now possessed Penglai as well as Yingzhou. You guys really managed to fool everyone.”

Wang Lin did not reply. He reached out with his hands and immediately, he caught onto the light shadow of the white-robed man with a ray of black aura. His opponent did not struggle but instead, allowed Wang Lin to have his way.

After the ray of black aura caught onto the middle-aged man in white robes, he spun him around and instantly, two paths appeared, pointing to different directions.

As he performed his spells, Wang Lin asked, “Who are you?”

The white-robed man’s light shadow replied casually, “You don’t need to ask for my name. No one in the world knows my name. To you, I am just a nameless figure but soon, you will find out.”

“I plan to hide in the Ying Sea to quietly cultivate and increase my strength. As long as no one controls the Three Mountains of the Ying Sea, this will be the perfect spot for me. When you guys captured Yingzhou, I could not care less. However, now that I know Penglai is in your hands too, I can’t just ignore it.”

“While I have hidden here for a long time, I know about what’s going on in the outside world, Now, a War of the Two Worlds had broken out and everything is in a mess. If I reveal myself now, I will be welcomed as long as I don’t join the demons. if I can control Yingzhou and Penglai, then the Ying Sea shall be mine and I don’t need to fear your master anymore.”

“Without the mountains, I am the person with the greatest understanding of the Ying Sea. With the mountains, there’s isn’t much for me to say.”

The white-robed middle-aged man smiled slightly and said, “Your Celestial Sect is powerful indeed. However, if I control the Ying Sea, I am sure the Great Void Sect will be pleased.”

Wang Lin flicked out twice with his fingers and a white light flashed in the black aura. He stared coldly at the man as if he was an idiot.

The man did not become angry. Instead, he said with a smile, “You are thinking when your master, the leader of the Celestial Sect, will come, right? He can’t come. If you don’t believe me, just try contacting your him.”

“Your junior tried to do that the moment I capture him. However, he is unable to reach your master. The problem is not with me; I did not try to block communications or anything. Instead, the problem is with your master.”

Wang Lin stared at him coldly and said, “There’s no need to involve my master.”

With that, he slammed his palms together and the black aura and white light that enveloped the old man was turned into purple clouds. It then split into halves and started to spread outward.

Two light shadows appeared in the sky. Each revealed a white-robed man flying through the sky toward either Yingzhou or Penglai.

The old man said with a smile, “One of them is my true self and the other one is my avatar. The mastery of my avatar is high, and its powers are not inferior to my own power. Normally, no matter how careful I am, I cannot watch as the two mountains are taken over by someone else.”

“Now, the location of your master is unknown and by going through your junior’s memories, I know that many of you Celestial Sect of Wonders disciples are involved in the War of the Two Worlds. The defenses in the Ying Sea are weak as you thought that no one can threaten it. The family members of the Celestial Sect are up there too, right?”

Wang Lin’s gaze turned colder. “You can search his memories?”

The man stared at Wang Lin and replied him with a question, “Your parents are on Yingzhou, right?”

Wang Lin stared at the two figures in the light projection. His opponent was heading towards Penglai while his avatar was heading toward Yingzhou. While their powers were similar, his opponent himself had a magic treasure accompanying him and was evidently the more powerful one.

Without hesitation, Lin Feng headed straight for Penglai.

As he pursued the man, Wang Lin used the special mechanism the Celestial Sect had installed in the Celestial Mountains to communicate, through the Spirit Sea, to Xiao Yan that he should rush as quickly as he could to Yingzhou from the Kunlun Mountains.

At the same time, he tried to communicate with Lin Feng once more. However, he could not do so. Through his communicating with Xiao Yan, he could confirm that the problem was indeed on Lin Feng’s side; Xiao Yan could not reach him too.

As he flew through the Ying Sea, Wang Lin frowned as his gaze flashed. He appeared to be thinking of something.

After a long pursuit, Wang Lin finally arrived on Penglai. He rushed into the main pavilion on top of the mountain, only to find a middle-aged man in white robes performing spell gestures rapidly, as if he was cultivating the Celestial Mountain Penglai.

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