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«Gate of God (Web Novel) - Chapter 913 - The Fifth Dao of Rebirth State — Do Something to Her

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Chapter 913: The Fifth Dao of Rebirth State — Do Something to Her

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Fang Zhengzhi was somewhat innocent. He was talking about a serious matter with Wu Yuer but it ended up like this.

Was he really not suited to be too formal?

Just as he was thinking about this, Wu Yuer approached him slowly with a face that was as red as a ripe apple.

“You haven’t answered me, what’s the meaning behind that sentence?” Wu Yuer’s warm breath was felt on Fang Zhengzhi’s cheeks.

“Which sentence?” Fang Zhengzhi looked confused.

“The sentence ‘You may hurt your balls if you take…'” Wu Yuer stopped in the middle of her sentence and punched Fang Zhengzhi. “You shameless, shameless!”

“What the hell?” The biggest misunderstanding in life was none other than being perceived by others that you knew everything even though you were genuinely confused. Moreover, getting punched by someone else because of that?

What on earth?!

‘Not everyone had a corrupted mind like you!’

Fang Zhengzhi wanted to say this to Wu Yuer but swallowed his words. After all, Wu Yuer had a kind nature.

However, the people she came in contact with…


Fang Zhengzhi ignored the images that flashed across his mind. Then, he stood up gradually and looked up into the sun that had just risen in the sky. “What do you think is the biggest weakness of the Monster Race and Demon Race?”

“Biggest weakness?” Wu Yuer stopped the motion of her fists, looked at Fang Zhengzhi who was in the sun and was deep in thought. “Although the Monster Race and Demon Race had become allies, they are still of different races and there would definitely be friction between them, right?”

“Yes and no.” Fang Zhengzhi nodded, then shook his head.

“What do you mean?” Wu Yuer questioned.

“This is a problem. However, I believe that Yun Qingwu had predicted it and is probably still in the process of resolving this problem. When this problem strikes, the precondition would be that the battle between humankind and the two races have ended. In other words, the precondition for a conflict between the Monster Race and Demon Race is the end of resistance from humankind.”

“You are right. When they have a common enemy, even though there may be friction between individuals of the same race, they would still endure…” Wu Yuer nodded her head lightly as she heard Fang Zhengzhi’s explanation.

“In fact, the real weakness of the Monster Race and Demon Race is… Numbers!”

“Numbers?! You are right, both the Monster Race and Demon Race are limited in numbers, especially the Monster Race!” Wu Yuer’s eyes lit up.

“Meanwhile, the humankind is exactly the opposite. Our weakness is on the lack of individual power, but we stand an advantage in terms of the overall number,” Fang Zhengzhi continued.

“That’s right!” Wu Yuer nodded. However, she soon frowned again. “But what does this do? On the battlefield, we could make use of our advantage in numbers, but with the current situation… no matter how strong our force is in terms of numbers, we still can’t defend against the Monster Race and Demon Race?”

“We can’t.” Fang Zhengzhi did not disagree.

“So… what do you mean?”

“Tell me about the current situation first. It is difficult for you to understand and believe even if I explain now. However, I’m sure you will understand me soon.” Fang Zhengzhi did not continue explaining. Instead, a silvery-white radiance flashed across his eyes.

After an hour, Fang Zhengzhi and Wu Yuer had finished half of the Green-horned Antelope on the griller. The remaining meat was sent by Fang Zhengzhi to Auntie Wang and Little Radish’s home.

Meanwhile, after Wu Yuer’s detailed narration, Fang Zhengzhi had a rough understanding of what happened in the past month.

The Golden Scale City was invaded by the Demon Race.

The Southern Region had called for emergency assistance from the Great Xia Dynasty. After half a month, the Southern Region was probably invaded too.

Fang Zhengzhi was not too surprised by that.

After all, with Yun Qingwu’s capability, it was not difficult for her to accomplish those. However, in this case, the Great Xia Dynasty was attacked from both the North and South.

“Golden Scale City… Based on my prediction, 90 percent of the people in Holy Barbarian Empire are Yun Qingwu’s people. Perhaps the Holy Barbarian Empire was already in control by Yun Qingwu.” Fang Zhengzhi frowned.

“Yes, the invasion of the Golden Scale City is equivalent to opening the North gate to the Holy Barbarian Empire, allowing them to invade Great Xia. Luckily, Chi Hou’s right to mobilize the military had not been stripped, thereby still giving the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands the power to fight a battle. If not, the Holy Barbarian Empire would have already sprung an attack on the Flame Capital City.” Wu Yuer nodded.

“You mentioned that the Xuanji Sect was probably controlled by the Monster Race and Demon Race, is this information accurate?” Fang Zhengzhi did not continue dwelling over the previous topic.

“This information was given to me by the person I planted in the Xuanji Sect. However, I cannot confirm the exact details right now!” Wu Yuer shook her head.

“The power of the Xuanji Sect covered throughout the entire War Pinnacle Empire and Radiant Moon Empire. Furthermore, almost 80 percent of the disciples are Nobles of the two empires. Once the Monster Race and Demon Race had gotten control of the Xuanji Sect, it was equivalent to having controlled the noble families in the War Pinnacle Empire and the Radiant Moon Empire. ”

“Hmm, that’s right!” Wu Yuer nodded.

“The Holy Barbarian Empire and Great Xia Dynasty are involved in the Golden Scale City while the War Pinnacle Empire and the Radiant Moon Empire are involved in the Xuanji Sect. Yun Qingwu is indeed powerful. How about the situation over in the Holy Region?” Fang Zhengzhi asked after taking a sip of tea from his teacup.

“Master had visited once while you were unconscious. He left after noticing that you had no signs of waking up and is now heading towards the Holy Region. According to the information from the Holy Region, the Heaven Dao Pavilion, Fu Xi Valley and Yin Yang Hall have come to an agreement for Yin Yang Hall to take over the leadership and gather the various sects at a place called the ‘Ling Xiao Mountain’ outside the Yin Yang Hall.

“Yin Yang Hall?” Fang Zhengzhi clenched his fist.

“Hmm, this outcome was inevitable. After the battle in the Heaven Zen Mountain, the Heaven Dao Pavilion and Fu Xi Valley had all lost. Only Yan Xiu who was representing the Yin Yang Hall won. Therefore, Dao Xin proposed for Yin Yang Hall to take over the leadership while the Heaven Dao Pavilion and Fu Xi Valley had no reason to oppose,” explained Wu Yuer.

“Yan Xiu…” Fang Zhengzhi looked up to the sun that had almost risen to the middle of the sky, a figure flashed past his mind.

Someone who was cold and did not talk much!

However, he always stood beside Fang Zhengzhi. They had stuck together through thick and thin but was separated in two different locations now.

“You miss him?” Wu Yuer asked.

“Hmm, what a pity that he can no longer remember me.” Fang Zhengzhi nodded and sighed.

“You two are friends, even though Yan Xiu no longer remembers you, the fact that you two are still friends will never change, right?” Wu Yuer asked back.

“Haha, yes, best friends!” Fang Zhengzhi nodded vigorously, grabbed a random tree branch and strted doodling on the ground.

Meanwhile, Wu Yuer used her hand to support her chin and watched attentively at what Fang Zhengzhi was drawing.

“Based on what you had said, four ancient powerful individuals had appeared in the Monster Race and Demon Race. However, they did not directly attack the people who had gathered at the ‘Ling Xiao Mountain’. Instead, they spread out their forces and took over four different positions respectively, am I right?” Fang Zhengzhi asked while he doodled.

“Yes.” Wu Yuer nodded.

“What do you think of the four positions?” Fang Zhengzhi made a few dots on the map on the ground, showing the four positions.

“I have sent someone to investigate on these locations and found that they are the centers responsible for the changes in the world. Except for the Heaven Dao Pavilion, these four locations should have the most treasures!” Wu Yuer replied.

“Can you be more promising?”

“Are you scolding me?”

“No, I am praising you. It does match your character for you to know the four locations with the most treasures.” Fang Zhengzhi was slightly annoyed.

“Why do I feel that you are scolding me?” Wu Yuer pouted slightly and was clearly unhappy.

“Yun Qingwu had spent so much efforts and time to bring Lin Ji and Lin Yu to the Blood Shadow City. What do you think is her motive?” Instead of answering Wu Yuer’s question, Fang Zhengzhi asked.

“She was afraid that we will spring a sneak attack at the Blood Shadow City?”

“The Blood Shadow City is the city of the Demon Race, even if she was afraid of us springing a sneak attack, one Godly State expert was sufficient, why did she need both?”

“This… Could there be something wrong?”

“There are many beasts in the Southern Region. If I am right, there are two reasons as to why Yun Qingwu was so determined to take over the Southern Region. One would be to demolish the barrier of the Southern Region that had trapped the Demon Race, another would be that she needed more beasts, and she had to depend on Lin Ji from the Monster Race in other to obtain these beasts!”

“I understand now. However, I still cannot figure out why she needs twoGodly State experts. Moreover, what is the relationship between this and the four positions each of the powerful individuals had occupied?” Wu Yuer was confused.

“There is definitely a relationship,” affirmed Fang Zhengzhi. Then, he used the tree branch to create another dot on the map on the ground. “The Southern Region was a vast land rich in resources. Not only was it close to the Great Xia, they both had a region beside the Holy Region. The region is here, take a close look, how is it linked to the four positions?”

“Linking them…” Wu Yuer looked towards the position where Fang Zhengzhi had placed his tree branch, then at the other four positions. Suddenly, her expression changed. “Five Elements?!”

“That’s right, Five Elements! If I am right, the next step after Yun Qingwu had taken over the Southern Region would be to station Lin Ji at this position!”

“This… If it is really as such, then… then it’s the end for humankind. The Four Great Empires were tied down and the Holy Region was surrounded by the Five Element Formation. If this continues, there’s no hope for us to survive. No… This can’t be it, Master is still in the Holy Region… he is…” Wu Yuer’s faced turned pale as she spoke.

“Rest asssured, I think that Old man Heavenly Oasis Saint would be unharmed for at least a year.” Fang Zhengzhi threw away the tree branch and cleaned off the dirt on his hands.

“A year?! How are you so certain?”

“The Five Element Formation is still in the early stages of development, furthermore, the Four Great Empires still had the ability to fight, hence Yun Qingwu would not rush to attack.”

“Then what would she do?”

“This is like playing chess, after securing a few crucial points, the next step was naturally to expand the battlefield. As time passes, the Demon soldiers would gradually move to the Holy Region and the beasts controlled by the Monster Race would start to take shape. Furthermore, there would be an increasing number of Godly State experts descending from the Gate of God. Yun Qingwu would wait till then before she attacks!”

“You mean she wants to gradually perfect her plot?”

“Yes, she wants to perfect the plot of the Four Great Empires then the Five Element Formation in the Holy Region, step by step, forcing humankind to our despair.

“Why didn’t she directly attack humankind? There are more than half of the population of the Holy Region on the Ling Xiao Mountain, she could totally just capture everyone and did not need to use her plan?”

“No, you are wrong, she can’t capture everyone!”

“Can’t capture everyone? I… don’t really understand.” Wu Yuer was confused. After all, she thought that the Monster Race and Demon Race were almost certain to win the battle. By springing an attack at humankind, the humankind would definitely lose.

“You forgot? The biggest weakness of the Monster Race and Demon Race?”


“Yes, why did you think Yun Qingwu let the Heaven Dao Pavilion, Fu Xi Valley and Yin Yang Hall off at the Heaven Zen Mountain?” asked Fang Zhengzhi.

“… I am not sure.”

“Let me ask you a question. If you only could move one hand, how would you grab this huge pile of sand at one go, without the use of your Origin Energy?” As Fang Zhengzhi said, he pointed to the mini sand dune outside the courtyard that was used to build a house.

“One hand? How is that possible?” Wu Yuer shook her head quickly.

“The method is to mix water and soil with the sand, then solidify it to form cement!”

“Cement?” Although Wu Yuer was not sure what ‘cement’ was Fang Zhengzhi referring to, she roughly understood what he implied. “You mean, Yun Qingwu did it on purpose?”

“That’s right, there are way too many humans. The Holy Region alone had more than 100 Sages, once these Sages separated as they ran for their lives and hid at secluded areas, how long do you think it will take for Yun Qingwu to completely kill all these Sages?” Fang Zhengzhi asked again.

“Finding all the Sages who had been separated and kill them one by one… This is impossible. Even though the Sages could not win the Godly State experts, once they chose to hide… I understand now, the reason why Yun Qingwu had released the Heaven Dao Pavilion, Fu Xi Valley and Yin Yang Hall was to allow the powerful humans to gather?!” Wu Yuer finally understood towards the end of her sentence.

“Humankind needs a leader. Yun Qingwu also hopes that humankind has a leader. Only with that, she can kill off all the powerful humans at one go. However… it is not enough now. Dao Xin is not foolish enough to fight with the Monster Race and Demon Race without any tactics. Therefore, it would be too risky for Yun Qingwu to attempt to kill off all the powerful humans with only five or six Godly State experts.” Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

“Then what should we do now?”

“Yun Qingwu is waiting. We can wait too. That is because as she is waiting, she is also giving us time,” said Fang Zhengzhi.

“However, you said that Yun Qingwu would only attack humans after a year. Do you mean we have to wait for a year too?” Wu Yuer was slightly reluctant.

“One year’s time passes by very quickly, but…” Fang Zhengzhi stopped speaking towards the end of his sentence and looked once again at the Cang Ling Mountain with an extremely bright silvery-white radiance in his eyes.

It felt extremely strange.

As though there was another pair of eyes in Fang Zhengzhi’s eyes!

Wu Yuer did not notice the radiance in Fang Zhengzhi’s eyes. She took a look at the direction of his gaze and asked impatiently, “But what?”

“But… I want to do something to her first!” Fang Zhengzhi smiled slightly. It was a smile that all men understood.

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