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«Demon Hunter (Web Novel) - Book 6, Chapter 39.2 - Silent

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Book 6, Chapter 39.2 - Silent

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Valhalla slowly moved at low altitude, the thousands of scars and hundreds of holes recovering bit by bit. At the highest point of the bridge of the starship, Madeline hugged the heavy sword, quietly sitting there, gazing into the distance. The wind blew her long hair all over the place, but it was unknown what she was thinking.

The clouds of radiation were also blown open by the wind, the orange glow of the setting sun sprinkling down like blood. One streak just happened to shine on Valhalla, adding a heavy layer of warm yellow and red colors onto it.

Only, everyone knew that this quietness was temporary, danger might reappear at any moment. The Spider Empress’ words before leaving still rang through the bottom of the apostles’ hearts. An ultra life form suddenly needing large amounts of food could only prove one thing, that it was currently quickly growing. When the Spider Empress returned again, the battle definitely wouldn’t be as simple as it was the last time.

Fitzdurk and Serendela both knew that right now, the best thing to do was to pursue and attack the Spider Empress, kill her before she completed her first meal. Gathering the power of the three apostles wasn’t an impossible task, in the past millions of years of history, it was unknown just how many ultra life forms even stronger than the Spider Empress fell under the apostles’ hands. However, the problem laid in Madeline, she clearly already awakened her apostle’s instincts, recovering part of her past memories, but her actions were extremely strange, completely impossible to predict. Right now, Fitzdurk wasn’t even sure if there was any will of this world left over on the young lady’s body.

A giant shadow moved past at low altitude. The Spider Empress gradually descended, overlooking the giant ice sheet that had remained unchanged through time. Ever since the olden era, this place had remained an eternally frozen region, the ice layer never melting. The extreme environment was harsh, but it had never lacked life. Right now, the Spider Empress even more so felt an extremely powerful life fluctuation from the very depths of the frozen sea. This type of life aura, for her, was an unmatched delicacy, something that was impossible to resist.

“Do not go down!” An indistinct voice continuously shouted in the depths of Lanaxis’ consciousness. However, the powerful feeling of hunger already overwhelmed everything else, to the extent where even her eyes revealed a bit of confusion. Her limbs moved about anxiously, the energy storm produced drawing out streaks of several hundred meters long deep grooves.

Before her consciousness endured for half a minute, it was already overwhelmed by her instincts’ hunger. Her spider body that was like a mountain range slowly leaned forward, crushing towards the ice surface.

“Do not go down!!” This time, it was a thunderous roar, leaving even the Spider Empress shaken! She stopped in the air, then turned around, seeing a human male currently rushing through the distant mist, flying at extremely high speed.

This was a somewhat troublesome enemy, but she could still slap him to death with a single blow, this was the first thought that appeared in Lanaxis’ mind. Immediately afterwards, her consciousness started to awaken, and only then did she recall that the insignificant fella before her eyes was a comrade who had previously fought shoulder to shoulder with her.

“Josh Morgan? What did you come for?” The Spider Empress asked, her loud voice filled with discontent. For a moment, she almost mistook Morgan for someone who came to fight with her over her food. However, she immediately realized the absurdity of this thought, the food in the depths of the frozen sea was hundreds of thousands of tons in weight, even if Morgan spent more than a decade eating, he still might not finish even a single small tentacle from that prey.

The important parts of Josh Morgan’s body were covered in alloy armor, within it still his Black Dragonrider general uniform. He carefully looked into the Spider Empress’ eyes, and only after a moment did he release a sigh, saying, “Angelina, not only did you merge with your own part of the perfect body, you even ate Bevulas’ portion huh? I recall that back then when we split the complete body, there was an agreement that we wouldn’t merge with the perfect body unless absolutely necessary, and that under no circumstances would we merge with a second part of the complete body. Moreover, even if we were forced to merge with the complete body, we cannot eat it. These agreements, have you already forgotten about them?”

The Spider Empress’ body was incredibly massive, even the slightest change in expression clearly visible. Her eyebrows furrowed, and then relaxed, the depths of her pupils becoming clear and bright from time to time, other times turbid, her voice discontinuous, “Correct, this was our agreement back then. If we didn’t do this, then there is no way to control the perfect body… however, did you come here only for this? I am hungry, I wish to eat something right now…”

As soon as she said the word hungry, Lanaxis’ face immediately revealed a bitter struggling, her limbs brandishing about involuntarily again, massive abdomen continuously contracting powerfully. The depths of her pupils had already been completely filled with turbidness, and as such, a large hand moved, wishing to slap aside the Josh Morgan standing in her path, allowing her to move into the frozen sea to eat.

Josh Morgan took a deep breath, powerful radiance suddenly released from his body. He blocked Lanaxis’ path, shouting with a stern voice, “Angelina!! This is our world! It is the planet of our posterity! You cannot eat it!”

The Spider Empress’ eyes had long lacked Josh Morgan, the dark red patterns on the spider body all bright, countless energy storms brewing about on her body’s surface. In her surroundings, lightning continuously emerged from the void, unexpectedly continuously firing out. She suddenly released a shrill scream, diving towards the frozen surface at full speed!

Josh Morgan released a sigh, tightly gripping the amulet on his neck. Then, he suddenly erupted with all of his body’s energy, becoming as brilliant as a shooting star, smashing viciously into Lanaxis’ chest!

The Spider Empress’ massive body actually stopped in the air. She raised her head towards the sky, releasing a roar mixed with pain and worry. Then, the energy storm that was released almost directly increased a level, continuing forward, directly smashing into the frozen sea’s ice sheet!

Countless cracks extended from the ice sheet, instantly reaching out several dozen kilometers. A large hole that was close to ten kilometers in diameter was opened up at the center of the ice sheet, bottomlessly deep. A few seconds later, endless sea water gushed out from this bottomless hole, rushing out from the ice surface, directly spraying a thousand meters into the air, and only then did it scatter and fall.

The depths of the frozen sea wasn’t a world without light. There was a giant marine trench that stretched out here, fluorescence flickering about here. Instead of cooling down, the water temperature would gradually rise the deeper one went down. In the deep sea world, there were unexpectedly numerous creatures, shellfish, as well as large fish of every oddity. Occasionally, a small group of fishmen could be seen swimming about. The apostles’ purge was still only limited to the continents, the great sea’s depths unaffected.

This was a calm, warm, and peaceful world, all creatures appearing unhurried and natural. Even if there were hunts carried out occasionally, it was still a part of the natural cycle. The vicious carnivorous species would become quiet once they ate, indifferent even if prey swam right by their mouths. The fishmen who had intelligence were clearly at the top of the food chain, but their numbers were extremely limited, so their burden on the food chain as a whole was almost negligible.

An incomparably massive will surrounded the entire ocean depths, pacifying every living thing. As long as it existed, this would remain a peaceful world.

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