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«Demon Hunter (Web Novel) - Book 6, Chapter 39.1 - Silent

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Book 6, Chapter 39.1 - Silent

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There weren’t only six duplicated Sus, which was why Madeline grabbed towards the air a second time, and as such, a second eruption of bloody rain burst here. However, when Madeline raised her left hand a third time, Serendela finally couldn’t endure this any longer, screaming out ‘stop!’, reaching out her hand towards the heavy sword’s blade edge in Madeline’s hands!

The heavy sword deviated for an almost undetectable angle, the vibration frequency also changed somewhat, and then it easily hacked through Serendela’s arm, immediately leaving her stupefied.

The severed limb separated from her body. Serendela instinctively tried to call it back, but discovered that she already lost all connection with that severed arm. Then, right before her eyes, the broken arm exploded into blood under a high frequency force field. Madeline’s left hand didn’t stop at all, grabbing again, and then the final duplicated Su emerged from his hiding place.

Unlike the other duplicated bodies, he didn't struggle, nor did he have a blank expression on his face, instead looking at Madeline extremely calmly, his green pupils carrying a faint feeling of grief. The fluttering light golden hair, was almost identical to Su’s. He had a soul, which was why the eyes that looked towards Madeline didn’t carry fear or viciousness, only a bit of reluctance and love.

However, immediately afterwards, the heavy sword directly rushed over!

The eight meters long, meter wide sword directly entered his chest, cutting his body open from the center. The body that was cut open was also chopped to pieces, even more thoroughly than the other duplicated bodies, practically exploding into two blasts of bloody mist.

“Acting skills deserve praise.” Madeline commented, her expression not changing.

This was the last duplicated body, as well as the only duplicated Su with his own intelligence and personality, his appearance completely a coincidence. Now, it was destroyed so thoroughly, so it was unknown just how many more duplicated bodies had to be produced before Serendela had a chance of obtaining a Su with a soul. Creating a single duplicated body, even for her, was a comparatively large burden.

“Madeline! You…” Serendela pointed at the young lady with the only arm she had left. Her lips trembled, but she couldn’t speak the following words.

However, the heavy sword sliced through the air like a streak of lightning, and then Serendela’s left arm also left her body.

“I hate it when others point at me when talking.” Madeline spoke calmly, as if just now, she only brushed aside Serendela’s arm, and did not cut it off.

Even though she could lose any part of her body, losing both arms was still serious damage for Serendela. She didn’t have the resolution to fight Madeline to the death, but the young lady’s attacks were so ruthless, taking action as soon as she said she would, not giving her even the slightest bit of face. Serendela wasn’t Madeline’s opponent to begin with, so after losing both her arms, she even more so didn’t have any power to retaliate.

Madeline looked at Serendela’s completely distorted face, looking at it carefully. From this face, the young lady saw fear, hatred, humiliation, and craziness, in short, all of these things that belonged to the will of this world. Madeline suddenly raised her left hand, smacking towards Serendela’s face. This was just a slap to the face, the speed as slow as that of an ordinary person’s. Forget about this type of speed, even if it was a hundred times faster, Serendela could still evade it.

She indeed dodged, and then lost her left leg.

“I don’t like it when people avoid me.” Madeline said. Then, she raised her left hand, sending another slap towards Serendela.

Serendela evaded again, and thus, she lost her right leg.

This time, her body which lost all four limbs was powerless, falling heavily onto the ground, finally not evading Madeline’s third slap. Serendela still maintained her ten meters body size, which was why the young lady’s hand was fine like that of an infant’s. However, after the loud and clear sound rang out, half of Serendela’s face was smacked to pieces! Madeline flew into the sky again, and then the heavy sword flew around, stabbing fiercely into Serendela’s lower abdomen, making the lower half of her damaged body disappear.

“Don’t let me see that nauseating hobby of yours again!” Madeline said this coldly, and then left the central control room, flying out from Valhalla.

The blood on the ground already gathered into a lake. Serendela moved, raising her head with difficulty. She practically became a pool of flesh and blood, with even recovering her body now extremely slow. She looked in the direction Madeline left in, and then shouted out, full of resentment, “Without me, all of you can forget about entering the cosmos!”

Fitzdurk who had remained silent this entire time sighed, saying towards Serendela, “Forget it, can you not tell? Right now, she doesn’t care about whether or not she can leave this planet at all.”

“But, but…” Serendela was first stunned, and then she began to talk incoherently, in the end becoming silent.

If Madeline didn’t care whether or not she returned to the depths of the cosmos at all, then Serendela’s value of existence was close to zero. Everything Madeline did, was revenge towards Serendela’s method of ‘awakening’ her. This extreme and emotional revenge method, was also a sign of the will of this world. In the apostles’ ice-cold and strict philosophy, there was only destruction, nothing in between.

However, even Serendela herself maintained a portion of her will of this world, or else she wouldn’t have kept two duplications of Gusglav, even more so wouldn’t have made so many duplications of Su. This was especially the case when recently, she was quite captivated by the only duplicated body with a soul. That was why she knew that there was no way to criticize Madeline in this aspect, moreover, the young lady used her own way to warn her that if she was angered anymore, then she didn’t mind directly destroying her. The current Madeline didn’t feel misgivings about anything.

This was what Serendela couldn’t understand. For the apostles, destruction and rebirth were things that had happened too many times before, and only the instincts were the purest and most noble, wills of this world were like filth on gemstones, best if wiped away. Even if it was temporarily left alone, it would be because of a certain purpose, for example, pleasure. Apostles mutually wiping out wills of the world was common, precisely like how Fitzdurk previously ruthlessly killed the young man residing within Serendela’s body, even though he knew that this was Serendela’s child. Serendela had similar thoughts towards Madeline’s ‘awakening’, only, due to various psychological reasons, the methods she used were a bit more intense.

The central control room became silent. Fitzdurk silently began to repair Valhalla, while Serendela struggled to recover her body while laying in a pool of blood. Her regeneration was extremely slow, occasionally even releasing a low groan, the process clearly extremely painful. The blood didn’t even have complete gene fragments, so it could only be absorbed as nutrients, and not directly used. Serendela released a weak force field with difficulty, making the flesh and blood gather towards her body, and after a long time had passed, only then did she finally condense a giant flesh cocoon. The flesh and blood came from crushed duplicated bodies, but the current Serendela needed it for herself, and as such she couldn’t bother with any sentimental feelings.

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