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«Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 586 Reinforcement!

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Chapter 586 Reinforcement!

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Devil Blade didn't act rashly and joined the fight. He knew that if Domineering Blade couldn't win against his opponent in close-combat, he would be unable to do it too. He couldn't offer much help even if he entered the fight now. At their level, two people might not be able to win against one person. He could even become a burden instead.

However, he still had a chance!

Devil Blade positioned his long-range sniper rifle. This was his specialization: sniping. He was a long-range assassin that aimed to kill his opponent in one shot. This was the only thing he could do to help Domineering Blade.

Devil Blade stared at the two people fighting. He was looking for an opportunity to strike. The time passed slowly. He saw Domineering Blade almost getting defeated a few times. He gritted his teeth and endured the desire in him to shoot. As a professional sniper, he must keep calm at all times and only strike at the right moment.

A few seconds passed…

A few minutes passed…

Drops of sweat fell down from Devil Blade's forehead and onto his entire body. Very soon, his body was drenched in sweat. His protective vest was soaked too.

He couldn't find any loopholes in his opponent. Not one at all! All he saw was Domineering Blade's weakness.

This was the Flying Dragon Special Forces! The powerful and invincible Flying Dragon Special Forces!

Devil Blade started to lose his confidence. Would they really be able to withstand the attacks of the members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces and pass this mission? The fighting spirit in him started dwindling.

"No, I can't give up now. A human would definitely make mistakes. No one is perfect. There will be an opportunity. Yes, there will be!" Devil Blade had a strong mentality so he immediately stabilized his emotions. He regained his composure and continued staring at Lin Five intently.

"Chain Combo!"

Ling Lan's voice appeared on their team channel. Domineering Blade was hesitant. His opponent was dominating him. This was not a good time to execute the Chain Combo. The Chain Combo was an offensive technique.

As Domineering Blade was in a dilemma, Ling Lan's voice sounded again. This time, his voice was colder. Domineering Blade could sense the anger in his voice. The cockpit seemed to turn colder because of Ling Lan's voice.

Domineering Blade remembered Devil Blade asking him to listen to Ling Lan's order no matter what he said. He was a member of Ling Lan's team. It was only right for him to listen to his team leader. Domineering Blade made a decision. He threw away his status as the captain of the Elite Blade Battle Team and followed Ling Lan's order.

"Commander, I want to continue the fight too. However, I need to listen to Ling Lan's order." Although Domineering Blade decided to listen to Ling Lan, he still felt that the Chain Combo would be useless. He felt that his opponent would use this opportunity to defeat him.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!" Unexpectedly, the Chain Combo managed to block his opponent's attacks.

After the 7th attack, Domineering Blade couldn't continue anymore. He tried to launch his 8th strike but he didn't have the energy to follow through it… he had exhausted himself.

"Bang!" The two giant swords banged into each other again. Both mechas shook from the force…

Opportunity! Devil Blade's eyes lit up. He decisively pulled the trigger and a bullet finally shot out of his sniper rifle. It flew towards Lin Five silently.

Lin Five didn't notice Devil Blade's sneak attack. He could feel that his opponent had reached his limits so he maneuvered his mecha to finish off his opponent. At this moment, he felt a chill running down his spine.

Danger! Lin Five moved his fingers without thinking. He focused the energy from his beam shield onto the waist of his mecha and then moved his mecha back at the fastest speed.


Although Lin Five reacted quickly, the bullet still brushed against his mecha and exploded. The explosion caused Lin Five's mecha to fly out. The bright beam shield started flickering. This shot used up all the energy of Lin Five's beam shield. One more attack and Lin Five would be defeated.

"Captain!" The commotion shocked the other members of the Flying Dragon Special Forces team. They got nervous when they saw their leader in danger.

Xu Eleven and Zhua Fifteen felt the most agitated. They wanted to bypass Ling Lan and help Lin Five but they couldn't. Ling Lan's beam constantly forced them back. They finally understood what their leader meant when he said that their opponent was stronger than them. They couldn't even escape from her beam attacks.

"Zhua Fifteen." Xu Eleven knew that they couldn't continue like this. He gritted his teeth and called Zhua Fifteen.

"Hurry up and say what you have to say," Zhua Fifteen replied angrily as he dodged Ling Lan's beams.

They entered the Flying Dragon Special Forces at the same time and were competitors all these while. They never worked together. To them, they were already showing mercy if they didn't fight with each other.

"If you want to help our leader, one of us need to escape from our opponent's blockade," Xu Eleven controlled his anger and said patiently.

"Isn't that nonsense?" Zhua Fifteen sneered. He knew this even if Xu Eleven didn't say it. However, which one of them could escape the blockade?

"We need to put down our grudges. If you don't want to lose, listen to me. Let's collaborate this time," Xu Eleven told Zhua Fifteen blatantly.

Zhua Fifteen was unhappy that Xu Eleven took control of the initiative. However, he knew that Xu Eleven was right. They needed to cooperate. If not, their leader would be defeated. The two mechas fighting with their leader would be freed and their team would lose. Zhua Fifteen didn't have the confidence to win against the two mecha operators that defeated their leader.

"Okay. I don't want to listen to you. I just want to help the leader." Zhua Fifteen agreed to collaborate but he was still unable to bow down to Xu Eleven.

"Okay. We will raise two guns and fire at our opponent. You will then go and help the captain while I continue firing." Xu Eleven didn't argue with Zhua Fifteen. Helping their leader was the most important thing now.

"One, two, three! Fire!"

Xu Eleven gave the order and the two mechas pulled out their beam guns together. Each mecha held a gun in each hand and fired furiously at Ling Lan.

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