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«Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2221 - Suspicions about Identity

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Chapter 2221: Suspicions about Identity

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Mo Tianyun looked at Jian Chen in admiration and sighed emotionally, “When my clone saw you near the Yinyang Saint Rock, you were nowhere close to Godhood. I never thought that in just a few short centuries, you would become someone renowned in the Saints’ World.”

“Apart from those hermits who always remain in seclusion, there’s basically no one who doesn’t know your name in the Saints’ World now,” Mo Tianyun smiled mysteriously towards the end.

Jian Chen smiled awkwardly. Naturally, he knew that Mo Tianyun was referring to the bounties from the Azure Peng King and the Solitary Sword Ancestor.

Indeed, a mere Godking wanted by two peak experts of the Saints’ World, the Azure Peng King and the Solitary Sword Ancestor, would lead to quite the disturbance. It would even raise the close attention of many large organisations.

“Senior Mo Tianyun, how did you find me? Are you a part of the Radiant Saint Hall?” Jian Chen stated his suspicions.

“I’m not a part of the Radiant Saint Hall, but finding you is nothing difficult,” Mo Tianyun smiled mysteriously. He looked at Jian Chen amiably and said, “Do you still remember that tower-shaped saint artifact you got from the Radiant Saint Union on the Tian Yuan Continent?”

“Of course I do,” said Jian Chen. The radiant saint artifact had been of great use to him back in the lower world. It was also the reason why he could become a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master.

However, the quality of the radiant saint tower was limited. As his strength increased, the radiant saint artifact gradually became useless, so he never really used it after coming to the Saints’ World.

“The reason why I can find you in the vast Saints’ World is because of that radiant saint artifact.”

“In the past, a clone of mine entered the radiant saint artifact in the lower world and destroyed the seal within the radiant saint artifact while I was there, freeing up the Radiant Saint Force origin energy trapped there. When I destroyed the seal, I also left behind an extremely obscure imprint, so I could find you in the Saints’ World as long as you still possessed the radiant saint artifact,” said Mo Tianyun.

“Then, in other words, senior already knew as soon as I came to the Saints’ World?” Jian Chen said. At the same time, he finally understood that the seal within the radiant saint artifact that even the artifact spirit could do nothing about was destroyed by Mo Tianyun.

This made him feel some gratitude towards Mo Tianyun.

After all, if it were not for the destruction of the seal, he would have never been able to become a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master.

Mo Tianyun shook his head, “I don’t know exactly when you came to the Saints’ World because the imprint I left in the radiant saint artifact can only be sensed through a corresponding secret technique.”

Jian Chen felt extremely elated when the past greatest human expert of the Tian Yuan Continent had suddenly appeared. Afterwards, Jian Chen placed down a stone table outside the dwelling and sat there with Mo Tianyun. Under the dark, starry skies, they began a long conversation.

“Senior Mo Tianyun, I have something I’d like to enquire about. The Winged Tiger God that appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent during the ancient times should be the same person as senior Mo Tianyun, right? Or maybe he’s a clone of senior Mo Tianyun?” Jian Chen asked. Jian Chen had gradually come up with this suspicion through his understanding of the past matters back on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, he was just not certain.

“How did you reach that conclusion?” Mo Tianyun asked calmly.

Jian Chen focused his mind and tidied through his thoughts before saying slowly, “First, of the four champions in the past, there have been records of growth for the war god Aergyns of the Hundred Races and the sea goddess of the Sea race. Only you and the Winged Tiger God basically appeared out of nowhere, and you were already far more powerful than Saint Emperors. There weren’t any records of your growth in the ancient records at all.”

“Secondly, the world where the Tian Yuan Continent resides in had actually been sealed up over three million years ago, preventing anyone from reaching the Origin realm. The reason why the war god could reach the Origin realm was because of his powerful bloodline, while the sea goddess could reach the Origin realm because she’s the same as Xiao Ling, a natural spirit. And natural spirits are all at the Origin realm as soon as they come into existence, unbound by the world.”

“So whether it’s Aergyns or the sea goddess, there are all reasons why they can reach the Origin realm. Only senior Mo Tianyun and the Winged Tiger God had no reason at all. This makes the two of you extremely similar.”

“Thirdly, when I looked through the records, I discovered that after the Winged Tiger God had vanished from the Tian Yuan Continent with the Dragon and Phoenix clans, senior Mo Tianyun vanished as well.”

Mo Tianyun smiled mysteriously, “You determined that I was the Winged Tiger God just from that? Have you ever considered that once the Winged Tiger God left with the Dragon and Phoenix clans, I went to where the Yinyang Saint Rock was and watched over it?”

“But you only sent a clone to watch over the rock, and the clone could have been the Winged Tiger God as well.” Jian Chen stared at Mo Tianyun with brimming interest and continued, “Of course, this isn’t enough to explain that senior is the same person as the Winged Tiger God. The real reason why I was able to reach this conclusion was because of Xiao Ling.”

“Xiao Ling,” Mo Tianyun’s eyes narrowed when he heard Xiao Ling’s name, and a sliver of undetectable killing intent flickered through his eyes.

Naturally, the killing intent was not directed towards Xiao Ling, but the Heavenless Demon Exalt!

“In the past when I was in Mercenary City, Xiao Ling had once sensed senior’s presence from me, but senior had already vanished from the Tian Yuan Continent for a million years. How would it have been possible for me to come in contact with senior? At that time, even I did not know why Xiao Ling sensed senior’s presence from me. But afterwards, as I grew stronger and stronger and understood more and more things, I finally realised that the presence Xiao Ling sensed from me was the presence from the young Winged Tiger God.”

“At that time, the white tiger had only been born recently, so it was naturally unable to conceal its presence. I had spent so much time with the Winged Tiger God as well, so I naturally carried its presence. When Xiao Ling said she sensed her master’s presence back then, it was more like sensing the presence of the Winged Tiger God.”

“This presence belonged to Winged Tiger Gods, but to different people at the same time, which was why Xiao Ling said the presence was extremely faint. Afterwards, as the white tiger grew up, he learnt to conceal his presence, and his presence changed slightly, which was why Xiao Ling failed to sense anything from the white tiger anymore.”

“And there’s one more point. The eighteen pieces of beast fur that have been spread across the world should have come from the Winged Tiger God, yet when they were united, senior’s legacy appeared—the Way of Slaughter!

“Senior comprehended the Way of Slaughter while the legacy that the white tiger received in the Beast God Hall was also the Way of Slaughter…”

Jian Chen did not continue. Instead, he looked at Mo Tianyun quietly.

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