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«Chaotic Sword God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2215 - One Star Genius

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Chapter 2215: One Star Genius

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This was only a branch of the Radiant Saint Hall. The people responsible for recording down the new disciples were a few women in white clothes with a special badge from the Radiant Saint Hall.

The women did not seem old. From their appearances alone, the youngest seemed to be sixteen or seventeen, while the oldest were only in their early twenties. They were all pretty, which was pleasant to the eye.

Of course, who knows how long they had actually cultivated for already.

“This is a testing medallion. Record the information about your identity onto your testing medallion, and then go get tested with the medallion,” the person who received Jian Chen was a young woman who seemed to be seventeen or eighteen. She took out a medallion that was three fingers wide with great familiarity and passed it to Jian Chen.

The medallion was created from jade. Not only was it tough, but it could also store information. Things could be recorded in there through the soul.

Jian Chen took his medallion and directly made his way to the testing grounds.

When he arrived at the testing grounds, over a hundred Radiant Saint Masters were already scattered there. They were either nervous and unsettled or waiting eagerly as they rubbed their hands. They all looked at a white, jade pillar up ahead with varying gazes.

The jade pillar was a hundred feet high and as thick as a water tank. It was covered with inscriptions. Who knew how many formations were engraved on it. The jade pillar seemed like just a supporting body for the formations.

The jade pillar was especially used to test the talent of Radiant Saint Masters.

This was an important process that all people who wanted to join the Radiant Saint Hall had to go through. It had a direct correlation to their future.

This was because greater talent discovered through the tests meant that the status enjoyed after joining the Radiant Saint Hall would be greater as well. A good starting point meant more room for growth in the future.

“Jiang Cheng, mid grade talent…”

“Phineas, low grade talent…”

“Dracula, low grade talent…”

“Xin Jiang, high grade talent…”

As the white pillar constantly flickered with a light of varying brightness, the old man responsible for the testing constantly called out their level of talent.

Jian Chen discovered from close observation that lighting up thirty feet or less of the pillar was low grade talent, while beyond that was mid grade talent. If someone could exceed sixty feet, it would be high grade talent.

Most of the people here possessed low or mid grade talent. Very few of the people present had high grade talent.

But at this moment, the white pillar suddenly began to shine with blinding light. The dazzling light on the pillar reached nine feet in a single instance before rising by another foot before stopping.

In the end, the light stopped at ninety-one feet, and it no longer shone with just white. It had become multi-colored.

“A one star genius. It’s actually a female genius…” Cries immediately rang out. The people gathered there all showed envy.

Jian Chen also looked over and discovered a pretty woman who seemed to be in her twenties standing before the white pillar.

Her facial features were delicate, and she was beautiful. Her large, onyx-like eyes blinked constantly as if they were trying to say something. She wore white robes, which indicated that she was a Radiant Saint Master. She looked at the top of the white pillar, at the light that had only reached ninety-one feet. She frowned slightly as if she was rather dissatisfied with the result.

“Bai Yu, one star genius!” The old man who was responsible for the testing finally smiled. He nodded at Bai Yu amiably and said, “Bai Yu, congratulations. From today onwards, you are a one star genius of our Radiant Saint Hall.”

Afterwards, Bai Yu was taken away by an envoy in black clothes.

As long as a prodigious talent was found, even if they were only the lower, one star geniuses, their treatment would differ drastically from ordinary disciples.

Ordinary disciples, even those with high grade talent, all had to wait here after the testing. Only starred geniuses would be immediately taken to the Radiant Saint Hall by envoys.

Afterwards, the testing continued. After testing over a dozen people, the white pillar finally shone brightly once again.

The intense white light rose even faster than when Bai Ya was being tested. It basically reached a height of ninety feet in a single instance, turning it multi-colored.

The light did not just stop at ninety-one feet like during Bai Yu’s testing. It passed ninety-one feet very soon and approached the ninety-second feet.

In the end, the colorful light stopped at ninety-five feet. It was close to the ninety-sixth feet.

“A five star genius. It’s actually a five star genius…” This time, the old man could not help but cry out in excitement.

Whether it was the ordinary disciples waiting to one side or the Radiant Saint Masters waiting to be tested, they all looked at the five star genius with envy. There were even quite a few women among them who revealed great, undisguised admiration.

Even Jian Chen could not help but glance over curiously. It was an extremely handsome young man around the same age as him. He had already lifted his hand away from the jade pillar, and he stood confidently with his hands behind his back. He was proud of himself.

“Zhuo Feng, five star genius…” After sucking in a deep breath, the old man announced excitedly.

Afterwards, another black-clothed envoy took Zhuo Feng away extremely politely.

A while later after Zhuo Feng, it was finally Jian Chen’s turn.

Jian Chen walked over eagerly. He passed his medallion to the old man and looked at the white pillar calmly.

“You’re called Chang Yang, right? Place your hand on the testing stone, and then condense Radiant Saint Force with all your efforts. You don’t need to worry about your class as a Radiant Saint Master affecting the testing stone. The testing stone only tests a person’s talent. It has nothing to do with one’s cultivation level,” explained the old man.

“Thank you for telling me, senior. Junior understands,” Jian Chen clasped his fist at the old man before looking at the white pillar. After a period of silence, he gently pressed his hand onto the jade pillar and began to condense Radiant Saint Force slowly.

Immediately, white light began to rise up from the base of the pillar. It did not move very quickly. Instead, it advanced at an extremely steady pace. It passed by thirty feet and sixty feet very soon.

In the end, the Radiant Saint Force Jian Chen had condensed made the light reach ninety-one feet.

“A one star genius should be about enough,” Jian Chen paid attention to the light on the pillar at all times. After stabilising it at ninety-one feet, he acted like he was out of power and stopped.

This was not Jian Chen’s limit. He had purposefully suppressed himself during the testing and stopped after reaching the level of a one star genius.

He understood that his identity was sensitive, so he could not simply show off in the Radiant Saint Hall and attract too much attention. He only needed to establish an identity that was enough to cultivate in the Radiant Saint Hall.

The identity of a one star genius just happened to be around average in the Radiant Saint Hall. It could fulfill his needs without attracting too much attention.

“Chang Yang, one star genius…” The old man announced in high spirits. He had discovered three starred genius in a single stroke. It was quite the merit for him.

Afterwards, Jian Chen was also taken away by a black-clothed envoy to the Radiant Saint Hall.

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