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«Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1660 - Deputy Head

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Chapter 1660: Deputy Head

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

When Huang Baimei the head of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City and Leng Manxue the general deacon arrived at Zi Clan Castle, the brilliant sword light over Zi Clan Castle had long disappeared. Everything in Zi Clan Castle had come to an end.

The owner of Zi clan in Heavenly Square City, an earth immortal general and a water immortal general of Star Emperor Immortal Palace were widely opening their eyes, heads chopped off while being put on the square in a line tidily. Those heads were chopped off by Zhang Tie before flying off their shoulders and going down orderly.

After beheading the three people, the entire Zi Clan Castle had lost its defensive power. All the guardians, servants and disciples of Zi Clan Castle who dared launch a counterattack had long been swept over by Liu brothers, leaving some women and kids hiding in their rooms who dared not utter any voice or burst into cry due to fear.

The bright moon was hanging over the sky as round as a wheel. Standing on the roof of the highest building of Zi Clan Castle, Zhang Tie was overlooking the entire region. Behind Zhang Tie was a huge, bright moon. At this time, Zhang Tie felt pretty presumptuous yet being a bit lonely and desolate.

The berserk sword qi over Zi Clan Castle, the battle qis reaching the sky and the over 100 m high virtual image of war beast of water immortal general growled as loudly as a thunder which had already sent the entire city into turmoil. Zhang Tie took a look around as he found that all the soldiers in the city had been gathered while over 10,000 soldiers were rushing out of their camp. Some immortal generals of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace were also speeding up towards here.

Right then, two shadows collapsed the roof of one house before landing in front of Zhang Tie heavily.

The two brothers had got their weapons. Liu Yong was holding a broad ax while Liu Meng was holding a machete. The two weapons were both bloody. They must have killed a lot of people. With scarlet faces, the brothers looked like terrifying deities of death. Even Zhang Tie wondered how did they make it with protective battle qi; perhaps the brothers just liked this way.

“That’s cool; motherf*cker. We’ve almost killed all those who dared defend. All the remaining ones have lost their ability to resist us. They are all underprivileged, hiding or crying inside their rooms…” Liu Meng said with strong killing intent as he wiped off the blood from his face.

“What do we do now?” Liu Yong asked Zhang Tie straightforwardly after wiping off the blood from his face too.

After watching Zhang Tie behead the immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace who had revealed their virtual images, Liu brothers had been admiring Zhang Tie pretty much, and totally considered him as their head.

“Head Huang would arrive in a few minutes. Do you want to make a fortune? Do you want element crystals?” Zhang Tie asked the two people secretly using battle qi.

The two brothers blinked their eyes and considered it for three seconds before nodding together confidently——even idiots would not refuse element crystals! As many as possible!

Zhang Tie then told them secretly about the location of those fortunes and how could they get them using his battle qi. The two brothers were stunned for a second by Zhang Tie’s words. Closely after that, they jumped off the roof, rushed into Zi Clan Castle and disappeared.

At this moment, Zhang Tie felt being gazed by two pairs of eyes. He turned around as he found that Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan were watching him after laying down the last faithful guard in Zi Clan Castle.

Just now, when Liu brothers took action, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan moved too. However, being different from the brothers, the two women were more like saving people than killing people. All the guards of Zi Clan Castle had lost their fighting ability due to wounds; instead of risking their lives. By contrast, Liu brothers just split every enemy they saw. If the two women didn’t join it, more people would have been killed in Zi Clan Castle.

A few minutes later, Huang Baimei and Leng Manxue arrived. The moment they entered the Castle, they had seen the three heads in a row at the square of Zi Clan Castle. Closely after that, Zhang Tie jumped off the roof and came to the front of them.

“Head; general deacon!”

“Why are you here? What happened?” Huang Baimei looked around with alert as if he was checking whether there were other powerhouses here.

“Head, there’s no more powerhouse here. I’ve killed them all!”

“You killed them all?” Huang Baimei and Leng Manxue quivered at once as they watched Zhang Tie with an unbelievable look. When they saw Zhang Tie just now, they thought Zhang Tie was new here after finding something wrong here. Unexpectedly, he was killing people here.

“Right, I killed them all. Just now, we encountered a young master of Zi clan who was with immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace. They offended me and I killed the young master and seven immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace. Later on, I found Zi clan had already colluded with Star Emperor Immortal Palace. Therefore, I directly swept over Zi Clan Castle…” Zhang Tie said calmly. Then, he pointed at two of the three heads, saying, “The two people are immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace despite their identities are unknown…”

Closely after Zhang Tie’s words, Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan had arrived.

The moment he arrived, Liu Yong had taken a secret glance at Zhang Tie which meant that they had already done it as was told by Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie then revealed a faint smile towards the Liu brothers.

Previously, Huang Baimei and Leng Manxue were a bit skeptic when they heard Zhang Tie’s words; however, they instantly believed it after watching Liu brothers’ bloody looks all over their bodies.

Huang Baimei looked at them, then the situation facing Zi Clan Castle. After a few seconds’ consideration, he squinted as he told Leng Manxue, “The Immortal Force Camp would arrive soon. When they arrive, they would block the entire Zi Clan Castle. Additionally, the entire Heavenly Square City would be in curfew. You gotta get back to the immortal palace with me…”

After leaving his words, Huang Baimei flashed towards the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City at once. After exchanging a glance with each other, Zhang Tie then followed Huang Baimei up, closely followed by the others.

Half an hour later, in a room of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, Huang Baimei was inquiring Zhang Tie and the other four about the details of the accidents tonight. After that, he was in meditation on the chair with a frown, his eyes flickering.

“I’m in charge of all the casualties of Star Emperor Immortal Palace tonight, including the death of the owner of Zi clan. Head, if you feel embarrassed about that and feel tricky dealing with Star Emperor Immortal Palace’s revenge, just push everything to me. No matter what, it was done by me. As I’ve not officially joined Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, these events have nothing to do with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace; nor with Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan!”

Given Huang Baimei’s expression, Zhang Tie knew what he was worried about. Therefore, Zhang Tie suggested voluntarily.

After hearing Zhang Tie’s attitude, Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan fixated onto Zhang Tie with complex looks at the same time.

“We were in the actions too!” Liu Yong said.

“It was me who killed those people in Heavenly Square Building. As you didn’t fight the members of Star Emperor Immortal Palace directly, the members of Zi clan are the only ones who would avenge you; however, Zi clan has almost been exterminated. Additionally, you’re immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Zi clan is affiliated to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. The events between you and Zi clan are actually internal affairs of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. It’s impossible for Star Emperor Immortal Palace to find you trouble for the sake of Zi clan!” Zhang Tie urged calmly, causing Liu brothers speechless.


“Stop!” Huang Baimei finally raised his arm. After that, he watched Zhang Tie and suddenly asked, “You’re a…water immortal general?”

“Yes, I’m a water immortal general!”

Although they had long guessed Zhang Tie’s level, when Zhang Tie admitted it, Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan were still shocked. Previously, they all thought that Zhang Tie was a fierce immortal general at such a young age. Although Jiang Ruoxin didn’t feel Zhang Tie was a fierce immortal general, she thought he was at most an earth immortal general. They had never imagined that Zhang Tie was a water immortal general.

In even Motian Realm where the top existence was immortal emperor above sage-level knight, water immortal general was also unrivaled in one region.

“You excel at using swords?”

Zhang Tie answered with a smile, “Sword, spear, boxing, shield, heavy hammer and spike, I could use all of them very well!”

Zhang Tie’s response made the audience shocked. His swordsmanship was so great! They all wondered about his skills in using other weapons. Even Liu brothers could see that Zhang Tie fought the three immortal generals of Zi clan and killed a water immortal general of Star Emperor Immortal Palace easily which indicated that Zhang Tie had not fully revealed his talent yet.

“Do you even know memory-reading skill?”

“Yup!” Zhang Tie admitted frankly.

Watching Zhang Tie, Huang Baimei raised his eyebrows as his eyes turned bright, which made him more dignified. He then tossed an unimaginable question, “Do you still want to join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace now?”

“Dare Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace accept me as of now?” Zhang Tie asked.

“We do!” Huang Baimei said decisively.

“I do like to join as long as Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace dare accept me!”

“Could you tell me why didn’t you choose other immortal palaces or forces? Given your ability, you might have a brighter future if you did that!”

Blinking his eyes, Zhang Tie replied, “It’s God’s will…”

Huang Baimei remained silent. After watching Zhang Tie for a few seconds, he suddenly took out a 1.5 cm long transparent crystal tiny dragon made. It was so vivid and cute while its scales, mustache and horns could be clearly identified. Some bizarre runes were flickering inside the dragon, “Here’s the token for joining Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. As long as you drop a bit of your blood onto its head and write your name there using your blood, you would be with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace forever as long as Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace exists. You would share reputation and humiliation with Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. If you betray Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, your cultivation base would be destroyed by your bloody pledge; you might even lose your life. Even if you could stay alive, you would not stay anywhere in Motian Realm…”

After hearing his words, Zhang Tie looked at the tiny dragon for a short while. Closely after that, he pierced his finger and put two drops of blood onto the head of the tiny dragon before scribbling his name there——Zhang Tie.

The moment he finished writing his name, Zhang Tie had felt a rune flying out of the tiny dragon’s mouth which then lurked into his forehead. It then disappeared and couldn’t be felt as if it had completely integrated with his own body.

“You four could also join Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace now!” Huang Baimei told Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan.

The four people didn’t hesitate at all. Liu brothers then dropped their blood on the tiny dragon’s head and left their names after Zhang Tie, followed by Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin. After four names were left there, four odd runes shot into their foreheads at the same time.

“I wonder why Zi clan still betrayed Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace now that this bloody pledge is so powerful?”

“Bloody pledge only works for immortal generals. When Zi clan joined Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, they didn’t have a single immortal general. A few years ago, the owner of Zi clan promoted to an immortal general. However, he usually postponed in name of different excuses and failed to make a bloody pledge in the end. At that time, we’ve already known that Zi clan might betray us. However, as Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was facing troubles, we could only loosen our request on Zi clan!” Huang Baimei watched Zhang Tie as he added, “If you could promote to a supreme immortal knight, this bloody pledge would be invalid. By then, you could leave Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and even found your own sect without the restraint of bloody pledge…”

“I see…” Zhang Tie finally understood that bloody pledge only worked for knights below supreme immortal knights which were sage-level knights in Taixia Country.

In Motian Realm, almost every immortal general knew this knowledge. Even so, nobody would suspect Zhang Tie any more in this case as they had been used to him.

“From today on, you’re the deputy head of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City. You’re directly responsible for me. If I am absent, you will be in the chair of the branch of the immortal palace in Heavens Square City!” Huang Baimei told Zhang Tie.

‘Deputy head?’ Zhang Tie nodded as he stroked his jaw. It was indeed out of his imagination that he could get this title. Previously, he thought about being a chief justice of this branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace; unimaginably, he could be a deputy head. ‘It turns out that the manifestation of my power has taken effect today.’ Zhang Tie sighed with emotions inside.

“I wonder about Star Emperor Immortal Palace’s response to my deed in Heavenly Square City?” Zhang Tie asked Huang Baimei.

“Of course they would take revenge on us!” Huang Baimei replied as he took a glance at Zhang Tie with a sorrowful look, “I’m afraid that Star Emperor Immortal Palace would dispatch their powerhouses here soon after figuring out what happened in Heavenly Square City…”

“What about Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace? How would Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace respond to them?”

“Actually, before you came, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace was ready to abandon Heavenly Square City…” Huang Baimei explained as he let out a long sigh, “After something happened in Heavenly Square City, of course, the headquarters of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace would not send supporting unit here; instead, they would let us abandon Heavenly Square City in advance at most!”

Zhang Tie felt slightly sad. According to Huang Baimei, he realized that Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace might face more serious issues than he could imagine…

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