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«Behemoth’s Pet (Web Novel) - Chapter 45.1: Restart And New Equipment

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Chapter 45.1: Restart And New Equipment

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「Nya~(Fuuh, it seems I managed to run away from her)………」

2nd floor of the labyrinth―― Tama who hid himself behind a rock is heaving a relieved sigh. It seems that he’s emotionally exhausted.

That’s only natural. Because he just finished a 30 minute escape drama from a bombshell-almost-naked babe…… During their escape drama, the bombshell-almost-naked-babe keeps shouting something incomprehensible-even for a former human like him 「Please! Give me your child!」 or 「Why are you running away from me, strong one!」.

And then, her running speed is simply terrifying. Because she can easily catch up to Tama despite the latter’s more agile and smaller build.

At this rate, it’s only matter of time before she catches me! Tama who makes such a judgement changes his escape plans accordingly, using obstacles along the way to throw her off his track, he even steeled himself to take an even more dangerous route connecting the 5th floor to the 2nd floor and managed to get away from her.


Her voice resounds inside the labyrinth.

(Crap, at this rate she’s going to find me! EMERGENCY RETREAT!)

Tama went towards the entrance of the labyrinth without even taking a break. Thus. He managed to leave the labyrinth without being found out.

「NyA~a(U~h, that was scary, master)………」

Tama returned to Aria’s room. He who felt that his chastity was in great danger while being chased around by that mysterious girl is unintentionally slipping into Aria’s bed.

He was a full-fledged knight in the past but, he is just an infant right now. He’s completely surrendering his feelings to his infant body and ended up acting spoiled to Aria, his owner.

And then, Tama doesn’t feel uncomfortable acting like that at all. That’s the way of a reincarnated person.


Tama’s body is enveloped by warmth and a soft feeling as soon as he slippings into the bed, and then her nice smell wraps him up.

「Munyaa…… Fufufu, you’re so soft, Tama……………」

Aria’s voice. She who is still half asleep muttered so while pulling Tama into her embrace.

(Uhm…… Yeah, my masters breast really calm me down………)

Even if he feels such fear, he forgot it all as soon as he feels the warmth and the softness of Aria, especially her peculiar motherhood side.

(But then, who is that person I wonder? She keeps shouting nonsense like wanting my child… Moreover, I wonder where did I feel that atmosphere before………)

In Aria’s chest, Tama recalls that beauty. But then, maybe due to his fatigue, he falls asleep in Aria’s embrace before he finds an answer.

「NYaaa~! Morning, Aria-chan, Tama-cha~an! 」

Early in the morning―― A girl who stood in front of guild is waving her hands at Aria, and Tama who was snuggling in between her melons.

She’s only wearing overalls on top of her naked body, plus an apron. Her sideboobs and the valleys become even more conspicuous in that kind of garment, the cat ears which stood over her dark gold colored hair set in a bob cut.

And then, leaning on her shoulder is a giant hammer as tall as her―― The battle hammer. She’s the warrior smith of this city, Aria’s comrade, the girl of the Tiger Eared race, Vulcan.

「Good morning Vulcan-san! 」

「Nya~n! 」

Tama and Aria return her greeting in similarly lively manner. And during that time, she’s borrowing Tama from Aria and then stuffing him in between the deep and healthy brown valley while saying 「Nya~! Tama is as cute as ever Nya~♪」.

And despite not as big as Aria’s, her valley is still a splendid one. It’s softness and suppleness is the best. Moreover Tama is enjoying the comfortable warmth from her body.

「Geez, Tama, you’re making a face as if you’re enjoying this………… You’ll become even more adorable after being paired with the new set of equipment that I prepared for you♡」

Aria’s looking at the figure of Tama in Vulcan’s embrace with an enraptured face.

「Tama-chan’s new equipment is splendid indeed but, Aria-chan’s new equipment is also terrifying! 」

And now, Vulcan is saying so to Aria who looks like she’s ready to eat up Tama sexually. It’s as she just said, Aria and Tama got new sets of equipment.

The first to be presented is Aria’s new equipment. Her new equipment……… Was one commonly known as 〝Bikini Armor〟.

Just like the one wore by Marietta and Kenny, their comrades during the previous demon subjugation but, the one for Aria is even more suggestive than that.

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