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«Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1985 - Arrival

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Chapter 1985: Arrival

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Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

In the world-destroying battlefield of Ancient Azure Mystic, the atmosphere that was always shrouded by gloomy dark clouds was actually different right now. Currently, golden buddhic light flashed in the sky, replacing the dark gloomy clouds.

Under the pure and holy golden light, faint buddha statues could be seen. There seemed to be countless ancient buddhas present. But in reality, all of these were just illusions.

Directly opposite to the buddhic light, a terrifying death aura was present, clashing in opposition against the holy buddhic light.

“Everything will end soon. Since Azure Mystic is already destroyed, why must you persist? When the light from my Pureland of Bliss illuminates the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms and when all living things in the world only have a single faith, there would be no more slaughter.” A voice rang out from within the buddhic light, the tone of this voice was extremely calm as he spoke the words with such arrogance.

“If you are skilled in premonition, you wouldn’t have failed so badly back then. Once, you failed to rule Ancient Azure Mystic. You shall fail this time around as well. This is your destiny.” The Grim Reaper coldly replied as death qi churned.

“Are you still dreaming your foolish fantasies? This is fate, everything will be concluded soon.” The holy light flickered, the voice within it was filled with immense confidence.

“Some people were born to fight fate. Let’s just wait and see.” The Grim Reaper spoke. The buddhic light and death qi still clashed with each other. It was like this was an eternal state of things and has been so since a long time ago.

“Mhm?” At this moment, an exclamation of surprise rang out from the voice within the buddhic light. Amidst the golden light, an illusory scene appeared. It was the scene within the Heaven Vault.

“Who is he?” The buddha asked.

“A person who fights fate.” The Grim Reaper calmly replied. “You failed yet again.”

“Is it a failure though?” The buddha shook his head. “The person you are waiting for has already disappeared completely in the western paradise.”

“You are as self-confident as ever. But now, where is your true body? You shouldn’t have made a full recovery yet, right? If not, you would surely dare to show your face.” The Grim Reaper coldly asked.

“You will see my true body not long after this.” As the sound of his voice faded, the boundless golden light dissipated. The holy light in the air completely vanished in an extremely short period of time. Ancient Azure Mystic was surrounded by the gloom and darkness once more. Deathly silence was everywhere, there were no other living things here at all.

In the Heaven Vault, all the experts from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms retreated. The people from the Heaven Vault felt joy like finding a new lease on life after the calamity. No one expected that at the critical moment, a powerful existence would come down from the nine heavens to dominate all their enemies.

Many people glanced over at him. Qi Yu bowed, “Many thanks senior for helping us out.”

“No need for thanks.” The illusory figure waved his hand. “Where is Wentian?”

The eyes of everyone flashed, indeed this man was acquainted with Qin Wentian.

In that case, the reason of why he helped should also be because of Qin Wentian. In addition he directly called out ‘Wentian.’ It seems that their relationship wasn’t ordinary.

“The saint lord is being imprisoned in the western paradise. Right now he might be in trouble or he wouldn’t have opened the Heaven Vault.” Qi Yu’s face was filled with worry. When he thought about Qin Wentian’s situation he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Nothing must happen to the saint lord.

“I will arrive shortly.” The illusory figure spoke. After that, his body vanished. After all, this wasn’t his true body, it was something incarnated from his dao. This was why he released the heavenly deities from the hegemonic powers. If not, those people might go crazy. This debt could always be accounted for in the future.

As the illusory figure among the stars vanished, everyone was speculating who he was exactly.

They didn’t know that Qin Wentian was acquainted with such a powerful character. Clearly, the illusory figure earlier wasn’t the Grim Reaper.

Many people turned their gazes to Qin Kexin. Over here, most probably only Qin Kexin was able to solve this riddle. However, Qin Kexin didn’t seem to have any intentions of explaining. She calmly stood there and after that, she flew towards a certain direction. Her personality was more proud and aloof but her strength was truly very powerful, able to delay the Qin Clan Leader Qin Zheng. From this, one could see how terrifying she was.

Her personality was like this naturally because of the environment she grew up in. Ever since she was young, she lived in the sealed off Divine Mausoleum. The people there weren’t plenty in number and they weren’t really talkative. Things were very quiet which further nurtured such a personality in her.

“Many thanks.” Jun Mengchen turned his gaze to Qin Kexin who was faraway as he clasped his hands to convey his gratitude.

He felt a lingering fear, if something had really happened to Qing`er and Youhuang, how should he answer to his senior brother?

Luckily, everything has ended now. Right now, he could only pray that his senior brother was fine. Jun Mengchen vowed that he would surely take revenge for everything that happened today.

Numerous figures flashed, flying over as they gathered. Qing`er, Youhuang, Bai Qing, Qi Yu and the others all had injuries on their bodies but at this moment, they didn’t really care about those injuries. They were waiting, waiting for the mysterious expert to come by again. If something really happened to Qin Wentian, that mysterious expert might bring them to the western paradise and aid them to kill their way in. Other than that mysterious expert, most probably no one in the world would be able to do so.

Mo Qingcheng, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Darknorth Immortal Emperor and the others who weren’t strong enough to fight, came down from the starry space. In the battle earlier, they could only watch while worry and anxiousness festered in their hearts. Many people saw the dire straits Qing`er and Beiming Youhuang were in. They felt despair and tears of agony flow down their faces, hating themselves for being helpless, unable to participate in the battle. With their cultivation bases, if they participated, they would only be a burden. Hence, they could only hide in the starry space. This was a truly agonizing thing for them to do.

Luckily, everything was fine now. Although there were injuries, their loved ones were still alive.

“Elder sis Qing`er, Youhuang.” Mo Qingcheng softly spoke. She walked over to Qing`er and Youhuang, pulling on their hands. Earlier, she truly felt extremely unbearable when she saw the battles. She could only silently curse at herself for being useless.

“It’s fine.” Qing`er smiled at Mo Qingcheng, as though trying to console her. They interacted all day and their relationship was as close as real sisters. When she saw the expression on Qingcheng’s face, she knew what Qingcheng was thinking about.

Their hands held each other tighter. Mo Qingcheng glanced at the faces here, she who has been holding back her tears, trying to be strong, finally couldn’t control her emotions anymore as tears flowed down her face. Everyone in the Heaven Vault had deep emotions for each other. Everyone was willing to die together, not willing to forsake anyone.

They fought side by side, when encountering danger, those who had already fled, came back to reinforce the ones being attacked. Everyone was protecting each other. Such emotions caused currents of warmth to appear in their hearts.

The gigantic heavenly devouring beast transformed back into the adorable Little Rascal. He flew over and jumped into Qingcheng’s embrace.

“Qing`er, Youhuang, Bai Qing. All of you are very brave.” Little Rascal softly spoke, he looked so adorable, completely unlike the giant beast who radiated towering amounts of baleful qi.

“You too. Good job.” Mo Qingcheng patted him on his head, feeling very moved. Everyone was using their lives to protect them, willing to go all out for the sake of the battle.

“Let’s take care of our injuries first.” Nanfeng Yaoyue spoke. Everyone nodded lightly. They simply sat down on the ground and focused on their recovery. The star light cascaded down onto numerous beautiful figures. The atmosphere here was now peaceful and tranquil.

But just earlier, this peaceful starry space was the battleground of an intense battle.

All of them seemed to have passed, the original calm was finally restored.

And right now at a very far away place, another person was frenziedly rushing over, in the midst of the journey from the western world to the Heaven Region.

Other than him, in the Chaos Region, there was also a group of people rushing towards the Heaven Region. Given their speed, it seemed they would arrive slightly earlier.

There were still many experts in the Boundless Sea Region. They saw the hegemonic powers retreating, not stopping at all as they rushed out of the Heaven Vault like they were terrified of something. Not long after, everyone then learned that when the hegemonic powers attacked the Heaven Vault, they encountered strong resistance. The experts in the Heaven Vault have already grown to become immensely powerful.

After that, another supreme expert on the same level as the Grim Reaper appeared, incarnating a body from his dao, dominating all experts from the hegemonic powers before telling them to scram.

That expert’s true body might rush to the Heaven Vault hence the hegemonic powers didn’t hesitate to flee. Naturally, they reported this to the western paradise. Only the western paradise was strong enough to deal with such a heaven-defying character.

Time slowly flowed on.

Finally, the group of people from the Chaos Region arrived at the Boundless Sea Region, at the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect. The man in the lead had shoulder-length hair, he turned his gaze towards the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect as a look of gratification could be seen in his eyes. After that, he continued and entered the divine Sect.

Within the Heaven Vault, Qin Kexin seemed to have sensed something. Her figure flashed as she flew into the air and gazed at a direction.

The others here saw Qin Kexin’s movements. Many of those who were seated stood up as they glanced over in the direction where she was looking at.

Very soon, a group of figures appeared in the vision of everyone. This group of people was currently flying towards the Heaven Vault.

There were two people in the lead, a man and a woman. The man exuded no aura at all yet everyone could feel that he was extraordinary. Everyone instantly recognized that this middle-aged man was none other than the illusory figure incarnate from the dao who helped them earlier.

As for that woman, she was very beautiful. There were many beauties in the Heaven Vault but this middle-aged woman wasn’t inferior in terms of beauty when compared to any of them.

“RUMBLE!” Within the Heaven Vault, when Luoshen Chuan saw clearly who these people were, his body involuntarily trembled violently. Although he was a heavenly deity, he actually couldn’t control the involuntary movements of his body.

A bright light flashed in the eyes of Luoshen Lei who was beside him. This woman was so familiar, like she knew her.

After that, she saw the body of her grandpa trembling. In the next instant, the light in her eyes brightened. She seemed to have thought of something.

That’s right. Other than her, who else could there be?

She should have already guessed it earlier, but she didn’t dare to make the assumption.

The beautiful eyes of Mo Qingchen and Qing`er also flashed with a bright light because they also saw someone familiar within the group of people flying over.

“Uncle Black…” Mo Qingcheng called out in a low voice, it was like she didn’t believe what she was seeing. To think that she would actually see Uncle Black here.

Finally the group of figures arrived here.

When Uncle Black saw Mo Qingcheng and Qing`er, a kind smile appeared on his face. He turned to the man and woman in the lead and spoke. “Master, this young woman is Qingcheng, she is Wentian’s wife. This is Qing`er, she is also Wentian’s wife and has always been protecting him ever since the particle world, staying at his side as he grew stronger.”

The middle-aged man turned his gaze to Qingcheng and Qing`er. His solemn expression relaxed as a gentle smile appeared. He softly spoke, “Children, it has been tough on you two.”

Mo Qingcheng and Qing`er stared at the middle-aged man in the lead. They seemed to have guessed something. Their hearts pounded violently as they actually felt nervous, extremely nervous. This feeling was very strange, it was something they had never felt so intensely before!

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