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«Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1789 - The Eighth Astral Soul

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Chapter 1789:The Eighth Astral Soul

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When Qin Wentian was still thinking whether he should display his prowess, there were already people acting.

A figure transformed into a beam of light and directly shot towards the Constellation Ocean by the Ziwei Divine Court. That figure was dressed in robes with the pattern of a sun and moon on it. The light from the constellation sea was incomparably dazzling, enveloping his body. This man was none other than the disciple of the Sunmoon Sacred Mountain’s Old Man Tianshi, he was Yue Changkong.

It seemed that he couldn’t wait any longer. He falsified himself as being the one that obtained the inheritance of the Time King and maintained very good relations with the various peak powers. What was his ultimate objective?

Undoubtedly, it’s to join the highest-tier powers of the Mystic Region. He might even be aiming to enter the tutelage of a heavenly-deity ranked power.

The Great Devil Divine Palace wasn’t suitable for him while the Heavenly Deity Mountain was considered the weakest among the three hegemonic power. The Ziwei Divine Court was undoubtedly his first choice. And now, seeing that the Ziwei Divine Court has caused the constellation ocean to manifest, shining its light on the bodies of all the young geniuses, this was simply a chance bestowed by the heavens. How could he missed out on this opportunity?

When he entered one of the constellation seas, one of the four illusory figures transformed into his appearance, and was like the lord of this particular constellation sea.

Bai Qingfeng from the Samsara Temple, Li Xiao from the Clear Skies God Mountain all flew over, each occupying a sea.

When the young man beside Donghuang Ying saw Yue Changkong acting, he felt an intent to compete in his heart. His silhouette also flashed as he occupied a constellation sea.

In an instant, all four of the constellation seas were occupied completely.

The constellation seas that were occupied were still shining their glow at many other young genius world overlords as though beckoning them to come over to challenge the occupiers for the position of four constellation lords.

“Yue Changkong seemed so imposing. Little Yu appears to be too impetuous, jealousy will truly cause him to make the wrong decisions.” Over in the direction of the Royal Eastern Immortal Realms, an elder world overlord spoke. He was an elder of Donghuang Ying and naturally knew of Little Yu’s heart.

The young man who was always beside Donghuang Ying was named Xiao Yu and was a disciple of a very good friend of his. This good friend of his was an immensely powerful figure that has chosen to live hidden from the world, staying inside a remote location in the Donghuang Clan’s Eastern Royal Immortal Realms for his cultivation.

“The personality of Little Yu isn’t bad, but he isn’t able to think straight when it comes to Xiao Ying’s matters. There will definitely be many challengers wanting to contend for the positions of the four constellation lords. Now that he took the initiative to occupy one of the seas, it’s most probably extremely difficult for him to remain till the end. The genius world overlords from the various major powers are all eyeing those who occupies the four seas like how tigers eyed their prey.”

“For the constellation ocean by the Ziwei Divine Court, let’s leave that to the young people to compete. And as for the devil platform, the two supreme treasures might be extremely powerful divine weapons. Should we send someone to try and win them?”

“The difficulty is extremely high.” An expert from the Eastern Royal Immortal Realms spoke as his eyes gleamed sharply. All the major characters from the peak powers here all wanted to be number one in combat prowess on the devil battle platform. From this, its difficulty could be imagined.

“It’s true that there are many old monsters who haven’t acted yet.” The person beside him smiled. However, things would truly be very embarrassing for those defeated the moment they stepped up on the battle platform. The Great Devil Divine Palace was truly direct enough, not bothering to leave face for the various major characters. At the very least, they could make the results more secretive, right? If one lost, all the world overlords in the Time Realm would be able to see it.

“The Cao Clan will definitely try to contend for it.”

The governing clan of the Scarlet Sun Immortal Realms the Cao Clan, was a vassal power subordinate to the Great Devil Divine Palace. For the Convention of the Myriad Realms, it was also considered a competition between the subordinate forces under the three hegemonic powers.

Over at the Heavenly Deity Mountain’s location, many people were heading towards the ancient mountain, wanting to seek good fortune there.

Qin Wentian quietly sat here to watch everything. Ten Miles Springwind glanced over here and spoke, “Among us, most probably only Wentian can contend for the position of one of the constellation lords. The rest of us can only head to the heavenly deity mountain.”

Because of their age, the constellation ocean from the Ziwei Divine Court didn’t beckon to them. And as for the devil battle platform, they weren’t confident that they could defeat everyone else. The only choice remaining to them was the heavenly deity mountain.

“Wentian, which of the constellation seas do you want to occupy? Why don’t you compete against Yue Changkong for his?” Cao Tian smiled as he looked at Qin Wentian.

“It’s fine, I have no interest to compete against anyone.” Qin Wentian replied. He has already decided not to display his brilliance.

He will just simply observe the fascinating things happening in the Convention of the Myriad Realms. In any case, his initial purpose in coming here was to broaden his horizons. Even if he was just an observer, things would also be extremely exciting.

In any case, he has already gained so many things by coming here. If he chose to compete against the other geniuses, the other peak powers would definitely notice him. At that time if they invited him to join them, should he accept them or reject them? He would have no way out of the dilemma, unable to advance or retreat.

“No interest to compete?” Many people stared in astonishment at Qin Wentian. This fellow was truly relaxed. However, each to his own. They wouldn’t say anything either, only feeling that it was somewhat a pity. Qin Wentian did have a chance to compete with everyone else given his strength and talent. He has never displayed his full combat prowess before, he might not lose out to these supreme geniuses from the various peak powers.

“Elder brother, seems like you have come to a decision.” Luoshen Lei smiled and transmitted her voice over.

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian replied. He decided to give up on this opportunity.

At this moment, another figure flashed, challenging the position of a constellation lord. This person was also a genius of a peak power. He was challenging the position Li Xiao occupied.

Li Xiao was a disciple of the Clear Sky God Mountain. Once, the Clear Sky God Mountain was a heavenly-deity ranked power but has now declined. He wanted to see how strong Li Xiao was.

The constellation ocean was extremely vast, spreading to the four directions, forming four starry constellation seas that were like separate worlds for world overlords to battle.

When that expert entered the starry space Li Xiao occupied, Li Xiao’s world heart enveloped him as numerous world gates manifested. From within, powerful waves of Clear Sky Divine Might gushed forth like bolts of desolate thunder, wanting to split everything apart. That challenger’s expression drastically changed when he felt the divine might but Li Xiao naturally wanted to establish his might since this was his fight. As a disciple of the Clear Sky God Mountain and the fact that he was the first to be challenged, was considered a humiliation to him.

The numerous world gates issued blasts of punishing thunder. The crackling bolts of lightning chained together, blasting downwards directly on the challenger, shattering his body and soul.

“BOOM!” Below, terrifying auras from experts of a major power radiated forth, all of them coldly staring at Li Xiao in the constellation sea. One person angrily spoke, “Li Xiao, you are actually so ruthless.”

Li Xiao calmly swept his gaze below. He didn’t say anything, the experts from the Clear Sky Divine Mountain replied instead, “Going up to challenge people with this bit of strength, how embarrassing is that? Is he even qualified to contend for the position of a constellation lord? Why should Li Xiao not kill him?”

“You guys are truly ruthless.” The other party icily spoke. The moment a challenger stepped up, there was no mercy shown at all. Seems like everyone was truly serious about vying for these four positions.

Next, another person challenged Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu’s strength was also extraordinary and he defeated the challenger.

Another challenger went up to challenge Yue Changkong. After Yue Changkong released his world heart a fearsome desolate intent radiated forth, there seemed to be moon light cascading down, directly rendering his opponent immobile, causing his opponent to stay put at his original location. After that, a beam of terrifying light flashed, so quick that immortal senses couldn’t track it and directly left behind a bloody scar on his opponent’s throat but Yue Changkong didn’t act to kill.

“Thank you for allowing me to win.” Yue Changkong spoke with grace as he clasped his hands, appearing humble and courteous.

“A true dragon has emerged from the Sunmoon Sacred Mountain. I’m completely convinced by my defeat to you.” That genius clasped his hands and bowed. Yue Changkong could have killed him but he showed mercy. This naturally cause this person to feel good will towards him.

Upon seeing this scene, the experts from the Eastern Royal Immortal Realms nodded their head. A dragon among humans, this disciple of Old Man Tianshi was so low-profile before this, but now, he amazed the world with a single brilliant feat.

The battle here was extremely fascinating. However, despite such a long time, no one stepped up on the devil battle platform. Clearly, those major characters felt some trepidation in their hearts.

“Lei`er, I will return first.” Qin Wentian transmitted his voice over.

“You don’t want to watch anymore?” Luoshen Lei asked.

“I should be able to watch from my residential palace too.” Qin Wentian smiled. After that, he silently left but his departure didn’t cause people to notice him. Right now, the attention of everyone was on the constellation ocean.

After returning to the palace, Qin Wentian closed his eyes and cultivated. His perception soared upwards, directly reaching towards the nine heavenly layers.

The Time Realm was a very unique place. This place might be isolated from the outside world with different flow rates of time, it didn’t isolate the Time Realm from the nine heavenly layers. Or to better put it, the nine heavenly layers were too wondrous, there should be almost nothing that could isolate a sealed space from them.

Right now seeing that the combat was so intense, there should be no one paying attention to him. He might as well take this chance to condense his eighth astral soul.

Boundless astral light cascaded down from the nine heavenly layers as Qin Wentian’s perception continued to climb up. When his perception reached the peak of the 8th heavenly layer, an indescribable pressure abruptly descended like heavenly might that was inviolable.

But even so, Qin Wentian continued to persist and tried his best to climb further upwards. He already has a total of seven astral souls that hailed from the 8th heavenly layer. As for his eight astral soul, he hoped that he would be able to condense one from the 9th heavenly layer.

“BOOM!” An immensely powerful pressure crushed down on him. Qin Wentian gritted his teeth and endured it while his perception continued to climb. A burst of heavenly might descended down, directly wiping out his perception body, causing his true body that was in the Time Realm to groan in pain.

However, he didn’t give up just like this and attempted this repeatedly. Finally, after many days, his perception finally arrived at the 9th heavenly layer. Over here, there were only a few constellations and they were spaced extremely far apart from each other. But each of the constellations shone extremely brilliantly.

“Time.” Since Qin Wentian already had some insights into time-attribute energy, his perception was directly searching for a time-attributed astral soul while enduring the crushing pressure. His perception floated towards an ethereal constellation that took the form of a long river which spanned across nine skies.

Qin Wentian’s perception directly entered the river and formed an innate connection with it. In the next instant, the light from the long river seemingly flowed downwards, passing through space, directly cascading down to the Time Realm onto Qin Wentian.

At this instant, despite the fact that everyone’s attention was drawn by the constellation ocean, devil battle platform and heavenly deity mountain, there were still those major characters with powerful perceptions who turned their gazes towards the location Qin Wentian’s residential palace was in. Over there, they could feel immense astral energy and there seemed to be light from a constellation from the nine heavenly layers cascading down onto there.

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