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«A Valiant Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 1143 - I’m leaving this matter in your hands

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Chapter 1143: I’m leaving this matter in your hands

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Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Watching the two kids leave, a smile appeared on Lin Fan’s face. These days were really pretty good. Now that Little Mei Mei could run together with Lil’ Fatty, Lil’ Fatty would definitely have to thank him in the future.

“Master Lin.” Director Huang was smiling but there was something on her mind. “Can the perfect artificial limbs be spread to everyone else now?”

Lin Fan said with a smile, “Of course. I got Little Mei Mei to put on the artificial limbs to see how they would work. Now, everything seems good.”

Han Lu lived here and he was close to the children. He cared very much about the crippled children of the welfare institute. Now that Master Lin had developed perfect artificial limbs, it was as if a large rock had been lifted off of his heart.

Although these weren’t real limbs, he was very delighted with what he had seen. Just by looking, one simply couldn’t tell that these artificial limbs were any different from real limbs.

“Master Lin, what’s the next step now?” asked Han Lu. He couldn’t wait for the crippled children of the welfare institute to have those limbs, to be able to move about like normal people and to be able to use chopsticks like normal people.

He had initially thought that this would only happen in the distant future but now, Master Lin had made it happen. This made him very excited and moved.

“The next step is for Wang Ming Yang’s private company and the government to collaborate,” said Lin Fan.

“What about you?” asked Han Lu in surprise. Did Master Lin develop this just to bring fortune to the crippled?

Lin Fan smiled. “Me? I’ll still be at Cloud Street.”

Naturally, Lin Fan knew what Han Lu wanted to say but he wasn’t bothered about all that.

There were over eighty million disabled people in the country and among them, ten to twenty million had missing limbs. This was a very large group of people. And who knew how many of such people there were in the whole world?

Hence, in such a situation, whoever could seize control over the market of artificial limbs would definitely gain huge market dominance.

Becoming a wealthy tycoon was naturally not a problem.

“Ming Yang, I’ll leave this matter to you. I won’t be getting involved,” said Lin Fan. It was best to leave the matter of communicating with the government to Wang Ming Yang. Lin Fan wouldn’t bother about it.

Wang Ming Yang nodded. “Then what about the selling price?”

That was what he was most worried about.

“Price? Just add the workers’ wages. The cost of materials is only over two thousand. We’re not going to sell it at an insane price. Go and talk to the government’s side. If they feel that it’s too cheap, then don’t work with them. Treat this as a charity in the future,” said Lin Fan.

Wang Ming Yang nodded. “I’m just afraid that this would draw negativity. There are many artificial limb companies. If we sell ours at such a low price, I’m afraid that they would protest and that would cause a chain of events.”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “That’s why I want you to cooperate with the government. But you should decide for yourself if you’re going to cooperate with the government or do it on your own. That’s not my problem anymore. Oh right, register for a patent at once so that moths won’t come and steal our product.”

“Mmm. Don’t worry. Just leave this matter to me.”

Wang Ming Yang nodded. He knew what to do.

He knew what his brother meant. He, too, understood what he had to do.

“I feel that I should hurry back and produce a few more artificial limbs for the rest of the welfare institution children,” said Lin Fan as he heard the sounds of laughter and joy from afar.

The teachers of Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute had probably found out about this matter as well.

They were astounded by these perfect artificial limbs.

Wang Ming Yang nodded. “Alright then. I’ll go to the government to initiate our negotiations. Since we want to collaborate, of course the private company has to initiate it. But there are many potential profits involved, so I have to guard it strictly. I’ll make sure to pay extra attention to the contract terms.”

“Mmm. I can relax with this matter in your hands,” said Lin Fan with a smile. He understood what Wang Ming Yang meant.

There would definitely be corruption even in the government. But whether those corrupted officials would be able to take advantage of this was another story.

Director Huang didn’t care about these business-related matters. But seeing that Master Lin was going back to continue developing more artificial limbs, she said worriedly, “Master Lin, aren’t you going to rest?”

Lin Fan waved his hand. “I don’t need to rest. My energy level is still very high!”

Han Lu really respected Master Lin. To him, although Master Lin was young, Master Lin was really mystical. Sometimes, he felt that, if he hadn’t seen all this for himself, he wouldn’t believe that such a person actually existed in this world.


“Ah, how many days has it been? Master Lin is still not appearing. Could it be that he’s really out of ideas?”

“I think that might really be the case.”

“I think so too. Look at how long Master Lin has disappeared. Right now, there’s no news from him at all. I think that he boasted too much. That’s why one should never be too confident.”

“That Lin has probably gone into hiding, waiting for this piece of news to die down. But I’m telling you all now that that isn’t possible. I’ll be here every day, scolding him and keeping this piece of news going.”

“D*mn. I, on the other hand, believe in Master Lin. Do you think something like this can be developed in just a few days?”

“That’s right. If Master Lin says that he can develop it, he will definitely be able to develop it. I have absolute faith in him.”

“If Master Lin manages to develop it, it would really be great. My son is seventeen this year. Because of a car accident, his leg had to be amputated. Right now, he’s just staying at home every day, unable to go out. Just seeing that pains me.”

“My husband got burnt by a fire at work and his leg was amputated as well. Now… Sigh… I just hope Master Lin will succeed.”

Many people on the Internet were paying attention to this incident. Some of their family members had gotten into similar accidents in the past. Hence, when Master Lin made that Weibo post, a glimmer of hope had appeared in their hearts.

Some others simply had faith in Master Lin and were here to support him.

Some artificial limb specialists would pop out occasionally to add a few comments. They definitely wouldn’t believe this even if they were beaten to death.

Especially after so many days had passed without any updates, how could they believe it?

This Master Lin didn’t even have a team of specialists, yet he wanted to develop such a thing. They felt that it was a complete joke.

Right now, Lin Fan had returned to the research lab and continued his development.

Meanwhile, Wang Ming Yang was going to bring Little Mei Mei to the government to propose their collaboration on this project.

Money was secondary. According to the wishes of his brother, this would be treated as a charity project.

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